Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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The bachelor of science degree in Mathematics provides students with a strong theoretical foundation and practical applications to help graduates secure STEM-related jobs in the South Sound region. The program is structured so that you will see the three branches of mathematics: algebra, analysis, and geometry, and study one of these topics in depth. A two-quarter sequence of study in one of these branches is required, fostering a depth and maturity of mathematical thought in a modern context. The flexibility of this degree allows you to follow multiple pathways into the major and upper division courses while supporting your personal career goals.

Note: Mathematics major students cannot minor in Mathematics.

Student Learning Outcomes

By graduating with a B.S. in Mathematics, you will be able to understand, communicate, and apply mathematics. In particular, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend, discover, and communicate common principles from algebra, geometry, and analysis,
  • Use probability or statistics correctly and effectively,
  • Recognize, understand and also make your own mathematically rigorous arguments,
  • Interpret and present results to a technical audience, both in writing and verbally,
  • Describe how mathematical or quantitatively-based arguments affect society,
  • Modify problems to make them tractable,
  • Use technology to aid in solving problems,
  • Apply quantitative theory, modeling, or mathematical principles to other disciplines to solve problems.