Division of Social, Behavioral & Human Sciences (SBHS)

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Our majors include Psychology and Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with an individually-designed option.

Our curriculum in Psychology is designed to prepare students for careers in human services, community service, human resources and for graduate school for students who plan to work as professional psychologists.

We value interdisciplinarity, being able to combine and use skills and knowledge across disciplines.


SBHS offers the following Bachelor of Arts degrees:

  • Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences     (TIAS)
  • Psychology                                              (TPSYCH)    


  • Individually-designed Concentration


SBHS offers minors in the following area(s):

  • Education and Community Engagement     (T ECE)
  • Social Science Research Methods                 (T SSRM)
  • Teaching Learning and Justice                       (T TLJ)