Human Rights Minor

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The Human Rights minor is a tri-campus, interdisciplinary minor open to undergraduate students from all programs and departments of the University of Washington. Students who are interested in social justice or international law and politics will find this new option to be of particular interest.

Students are highly encouraged to take courses from the other two campuses as well as UW Tacoma to complete this minor. The expertise available on all three campuses has the potential to make the experience a richer one, providing more choices for internships and specialization of study within the minor. This information is provided to students who want a summary of the UW Tacoma offerings.

All courses in the minor must be completed with a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

Requirements: 25 credits

The Human Rights minor requires 25 credits to include the following:

Human Rights: 10 credits

Human Rights in a Broader Context: 5 credits

Additional Requirements: 10 credits

  • 10 additional credits from either of the above lists.
    • At least 3 credits (of the 25 required) must be in a human-rights-related internship, practicum, international study abroad or demonstrated equivalent.

Important note for students who choose the internship option:  Human rights internships have as their primary objective learning about human rights work and facilitating a synthesis between classroom learning and practical engagement. Appropriate human rights internships may be supervised by any University of Washington faculty member. Students who choose this route to fulfill the minor’s requirements must find an appropriate internship and register for TIAS 496. The new Human Rights Minor form MUST be stapled to the TIAS 496 Internship form when you submit it to the IAS program if you want the internship to count for the minor. Be sure to have supervising faculty sign it or your minor may be incomplete.