Individually-Designed Concentration

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This concentration is an individually-designed option for students who wish to create a program of study by combining selected courses from a range of possibilities within IAS and, potentially, from other undergraduate programs at UW Tacoma. Students are required to identify a central organizing theme for their concentration and design it under the guidance and supervision of an IAS faculty member, IAS advisor and the concentration coordinator. A five-credit thesis is required at the end of the senior year.

To propose an individually-designed concentration, students must do the following:

  1. Consult with the concentration coordinator to ensure you understand the requirements of the individually designed concentration. Continue working with the coordinator throughout the proposal process.
  2. Identify the unifying interdisciplinary theme of your concentration. Consider what faculty would be appropriate as mentors and consult with them as needed during development phase.
  3. Identify the courses taken or planned. The list should comprise of 55-credits, plus the 5-credit thesis. Meet with your IAS staff advisor for assistance. This is essential for transfer students.
  4. Draft a 2-3 page proposal that includes:
    • A brief descriptive title.
    • The rationale for the proposed concentration.
    • A general description of the concentration.
    • A rationale and discussion of the interrelationships among the courses chosen.
    • A complete course list (must include 55-credits plus the senior thesis).
  5. Choose one IAS academic advisor to work with you to help keep track of your progress toward graduation.
  6. Add the Agreement and Declaration page to the proposal and have it signed by the faculty sponsor and academic advisor.
  7. Once your proposal has been approved, continue working with the concentration coordinator, your faculty sponsor and your academic advisor to ensure your concentration is completed appropriately.Submit the proposal for approval to the concentration coordinator by the end of the junior year.