Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Cultures

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Admission Requirements


For acceptance into the major, students must demonstrate through a placement exam or coursework proficiency at the 300-level in the Spanish language. Students interested in pursuing a Spanish Language and Cultures Studies major are strongly encouraged to take a variety of interdisciplinary courses dealing with Spanish and Latin American culture in preparation for the major.

The most recent course lists are available on the Spanish Language and Cultures major web page.

We define a native speaker of Spanish as a person who learned Spanish at home as his or her first language, and who lived in a Spanish-speaking home for the first six years of childhood. In addition, a native speaker has some formal instruction (at least through 7th grade) in schools where Spanish was the primary language. (Example: A person who was born in Mexico to Mexican parents, who lived in Mexico until age 14, and completed 7th grade there, is a native speaker of Spanish.)

We define a heritage speaker of Spanish as a person who was raised in a home where Spanish was spoken at least 50% of the time during that person’s childhood and adolescence. Heritage speakers may not have had formal instruction in Spanish, but they are to some degree bilingual in both Spanish and English.