Division of Sciences & Mathematics (SAM)

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The division of Sciences and Mathematics offers degrees in Biomedical Science, Mathematics, Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Studies and Environmental Science with a Pre-Med Track option.

Our curriculum, internship opportunities and research maintain local community ties while exploring global perspectives, leading to excellent career opportunities for graduating students.

Our Environmental Science and Environmental Sustainability programs take advantage of the Puget Sound being in our own front yard.

The Division of Sciences & Mathematics offers the following programs of study:


  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science                                                (TBIOMD)
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science                                          (TENSCI)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies                                                 (TESC)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Sustainability                                      (TEST)
    • with an Environmental Policy and Law Option                                   (TEST-10-11)
    • with an Environmental Communication Option                                (TEST-20-11)
    • with a Business/Nonprofit Environmental Sustainability Option    (TEST-30-11)
    • with an Environmental Education Option                                           (TEST-40-11)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics                                                           (TMATH)


  • Environmental Studies                      (TEST-05)
  • Geographic Information Systems    (GIS)
  • Mathematics                                       (TMATH)
  • Restoration Ecology                           (TECORE)
  • Sustainability                                      (T SUST)