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Through the Center for Business Analytics professional education offerings, our faculty integrate a mix of teaching approaches that enable you and your organization to meet and exceed business objectives and performance goals.

CBA co-creates value with/for BUSINESS & COMMUNITY in 5 primary ways

Analytics Academy:

 - CBA for Student Education:

The Center serves as a catalyst and provides access to knowledge related to the use of analytics, big data and digital transformation for students (undergraduate and Masters). CBA can serve as a resource center for you to locate next-generation savvy business analysts, project managers, analytics managers, chief analytics officers, digital talents, T-shaped analytical thinkers and adaptive innovators. Our students are educated to make effective and efficient business decisions that solve existing problems or cultivate new opportunities, improving the performance of organizations.

 - Executive and Professional Development Programs: 

The Center develops and delivers a number of short courses for working professionals, career changers and new graduates from all sectors interested in business analytics, service transformation, and technology innovation. These open enrollment and partner specific customized programs can be designed half-day workshops to multi-day seminars, we work closely with the organization to diagnose specific challenges and offer strategic solutions.

Problem-Focused Research: 

The Center works with companies to address problems by conducting and supporting cutting-edge research in data and service sciences with a business lens. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate with faculty and students to work on your business problem or opportunity...

Our problem-focused research approach is as following... It is about value co-creation with you

Advisory Board/Corporate Partnership:

The center is in a process of creating an industry advisory board that represent a range of industry sectors and bring to the Center diverse business interests and problems to advance the science of data and innovation.

We are currently working on a number of business and community-oriented programs (e.g. advisory board, applied projects, guest speakers, industry mentors for projects, student competitions). PLEASE STAY TUNED!

Virtual Analytics Innovation Lab:

The center is in a process of establishing a virtual analytics innovation lab. Faculty, researchers and students will be able to utilize these resources to advance their professional development and career. Let us know if you would like us to assist you to co-develop programs to introduce your solutions to students and academic world.