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The Center develops and delivers a number of short courses for working professionals, career changers and new graduates from all sectors interested in business analytics, service transformation, and technology innovation. These open enrollment and partner specific customized programs can be designed half-day workshops to multi-day seminars, we work closely with the organization to diagnose specific challenges and offer strategic solutions.

Open Enrollment Programs

These programs provide an overview of key concepts, tools, and techniques  required to succeed in today's data-oriented world. CBA's Open Enrollment Programs are designed to empower participants to identify areas of applications in which business analytics can be particularly successful in their own organizations. Participants gain hands-on experience in working with data and a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that data presents. Sample program topics are 

  • Framing a business problem as an analytics problem
  • Opportunities and challenges when using data
  • Understanding customers
  • Improving business processes
  • Identifying opportunies through data analytics
  • Big data strategy and management
  • Synergies between business analytics and the firm

Partner Specific Customized Programs

The CBA brings award winning faculty members, industry-leading research, and the vast resources of the Milgard School of Business to your fingertips. This results in a transformational learning experience, both meaningful and actionable, to give your company a rigorous and measurable education experience with innovative tools, new frameworks, and powerful ideas.

The very first step in our partnership is to conduct a thorough assessment. By interviewing invested stakeholders, our goal is to ensure educational program content be grounded in your organizational's focused strategy and objectives. We define your organization's desired outcomes and  determine the metrics needed for evaluating a lasting impact. 

For more information on how CBA can meet your organizational needs, please email us at mcba@uw.edu