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Career Readiness for Data, Analytics and AI Program 

The Career Readiness for Data, Analytics and AI Program aims to provide a defined path and set resources to students who would like to prepare for a career in the fields of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We believe that extracurricular activities, community engagement, volunteer projects, attendance at professional events, and active participation in the Data Analytics community are critical for your professional development and career readiness in this field. Many students focus only on their academic success and overlook how these additional activities play an essential role in a successful career. We encourage all students to start preparing for their future careers at the beginning of their academic journey by engaging with the Data Analytics community, taking on leadership roles, and adopting a mindset of lifelong learning.

There are 3 pathways for students:

  1. Level 1 – Career Readiness for Data, Analytics and AI Program: Available for all undergraduate and graduate students at University of Washington Seattle, University of Washington Tacoma and University of Washington Bothell
  2. Level 2 – Career Readiness for Data, Analytics and AI Program: Available for students who are studying Undergraduate Minor in Business Data Analytics Program@UW Tacoma
  3. Level 3 - Career Readiness for Data, Analytics and AI Program: Available for students who are studying Master of Science Business Analytics Program@UW Tacoma

Click on the link below to learn more on 3 pathways to earn a digital badge demonstrating your career readiness and get some tips on professional development activities which will help you get ready for a career in Data Analytics and AI fields.

digital badge requirements and Career Readiness GUIDE

Paid Student Employment Opportunities at CBA

The Center for Business Analytics (CBA) in the Milgard School of Business at the University of Washington Tacoma serves as a catalyst for research, education, and innovation in the use of "analytics", "big data" and "smart machines". The Center works directly with corporate partners to identify, frame, and study critical business issues and opportunities. In addition; CBA designs, manages, and provides support for the technology ecosystem serving Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) and undergraduate minor in Business Analytics students. This ecosystem includes Virtual Analytics Lab (currently hosted in Microsoft Azure), eLearning Instructional Lab (hosted in Canvas), Power BI Report Server, SQL Server and Databases, and more.

Student employees help CBA staff with daily operations and have the opportunity to support many new innovative projects in the Center. Student employees work under the close supervision and mentorship of the Academic Director, Operations & Programs Manager, and Technologist.

Open Positions:

  • Student Technical Assistant: Apply
  • CBA Salesforce CRM Administrator: Apply

Internship & Voluntary Work

Internship: Internships provide an opportunity for students to work in a business, agency, or organization and implement what they are learning in their program to real-world experiences. Students will also learn about the company’s culture, and meet decision-makers within the organization who may provide valuable insights into your future career. During the internship experience, students work alongside professionals at the business and are mentored by supervisors. Students are often assigned to special projects that align with their areas of interest and provide a platform to put what they have learned in the classroom into practice. Additionally, internships may often lead to full-time employment for students as businesses may consider the internship an extended interview for post-graduate employment.

Voluntary Work: There are several ways in which students and alumni can volunteer in the Milgard Center for Business Analytics at UW Tacoma. Be a part of creating positive social change in our community while gaining valuable work experience as you build your network for future employment opportunities. All students and alumni are welcome to volunteer, including international students and alumni.

Open Positions:

  • Internship at Milgard Center for Business Analytics (CBA) - Unpaid: Apply