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UWT students will be traveling to Eugene, Oregon to partner with Friends of Buford Park and Mount Pisgah. We will not only be working to support environmental restoration, but also be bringing unique backgrounds together to engage in meaningful personal and professional growth.  We aim to keep BreakAway accessible, regardless of students’ ability to pay.  In order to keep costs down for student volunteers we need your help!  All funds raised go directly to the Breakaway Fund to cover travel, lodging, food and training expenses for participants.

Thank you for your support.  


Ibrahima Diallo

The Alternative BreakAway of the University of Washington Tacoma is a non-profit organization program which offers students the experience of servicing a community and broadening their knowledge.  Thus, volunteers are here to learn and give back to the community for those persons or families that need support from others. However, during this spring break, the Alternative BreakAway seeks to help the City of Eugene/Springfield to restore their damaged fauna caused by human activities. As a member of the volunteer student group, I am going to commute to Eugene and spend a week to restore the Buford Park, the Pisgah Mountain and the Turtle Flats. This trip will be very significant to me, and it is an opportunity for me to make a difference by spending my time to serve my community and learn more about services that are needed.

Nowadays, I do realize how energy is needed and how, and I did not think how reliable the power is; I just used it like an average person. But the energy produced by a relay system has an effect on the environment which is disturbing for the surrounded community. Therefore, by this opportunity, I’m giving my time by volunteering to help the Eugene community to restore their environment.

“It is not the challenge or obstacle that makes the difference in your life, it is how you handle those challenges that makes the greatest impact and leaves a lasting impression on the individual you are striving to become.” Angela Jones

I want to thank all of you for the support.

Ibrahima Diallo

UWT student

MY TRIP DATES:  March 24th-30th


For more information about breakway and upcoming trips visit 



The Center for Service and Lea today gave me an insight to think about the world that I would've never thought of.- Anonymous Reflection


Now that it’s almost over I feel that I’ve really grown as a person. I’ve learned more about myself on this trip and the importance of having a sense of community, relationships, appreciations, and teamwork. - Anonymous Reflection


I think I really appreciated every moment of today. I got to connect with my peers annd I was able to see/acknowledge a fear that I still need to confront- Anonymous Reflection

My understanding has become more compassionate. I know now what this place is and stands for. And it's not just a place to sleep and eat.- Anonymous Reflection






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Student Training

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