Spotlight: Ping Pong Club!

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A new organization this year, Ping Pong Club has taken UW Tacoma by storm and is offering a friendly, yet competitive, group for students to join.

The Ping Pong Club is a social and interactive club that is welcoming to all level of players! Our meetings, practices, and events are focused on de-stressing, making new friends, and overall just having fun. Our goal is to foster a community on campus, bringing together all students, new and returning. With hopes of change for campus life, the Ping Pong club wants to break the stigmatism of UW Tacoma being a commuter campus by offering a club that students will want to stay on campus for.

Ping Pong Club meets every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the University Y Student Center Game Room. Check them out!

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Keah Thomas / March 5, 2019
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