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The Hunt for Dawg Bones is on!

We know that students will be very busy with their academic pursuits and understand that when students decide to attend events, programs, organization meetings and more, it’s a lot to build into your other priorities in life!

We understand it so much that we’ve created Dawg Bones, which will provide you with an incentive for attending as many events, programs, and meetings as possible. Every time you check into an involvement program, you earn Dawg Bones, which will turn into exclusive prizes!

You can find out more about Dawg Bones on Dawgden, which also calculates all the Dawg Bones you earn automatically. you can always check how many Dawg Bones you’ve been awarded by visiting your Dawgden Profile.



Learn more about DawgBones here!!



How to Earn Dawg Bones

  • Attend Events
  • Attend Meetings
  • Join Student Organizations
  • Use UW Tacoma Services Collect Service Hours

Only events, meetings and opportunities that are credited on DawgDen will count for Dawg Bones

Point Value Breakdown

What Can I Get with Dawg Bones?!

  • Prizes
  • Raffle entries for exclusive prizes
  • Enhanced skills 
  • Valuable experiences


(Earn the Dawg Bones and you'll earn the prize!)

A Dawg Bones sticker = 1,000 Dawg Bones

Travel Hand Sanitizer = 3,000 Dawg Bones

Raffle Entries

(Earn Raffle Entries for the Dawg Bones you earn. The more Bones one earns, the more of a chance they could win the raffle!)

Travel Mug = For every 100 Dawg Bones earned, earn 1 entry (25 winners selected per quarter)

T-Shirt = For every 500 Dawg Bones earned, earn 1 entry (5 winners selected per quarter)