PSI Research: Ecosystem-based Management of Forage Fish

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PSI, with collaborators from UW Seattle and UC Santa Cruz, has convened an expert science panel to focus on the ecosystem-based management of Puget Sound forage fish, including Pacific herring, surf smelt and Pacific sandlance. One of several expert panels convened by the PSI to address gaps in scientific knowledge identified by the Puget Sound Partnership’s Science Panel, this study panel reviewed the best available science and identified gaps in knowledge related to the following key questions in managing forage fish:

  1. How well can we describe the status and trends of forage fish in Puget Sound?
  2. What are the key vulnerabilities of Puget Sound forage fish?
  3. What are the ecosystem needs for forage fish in Puget Sound?

The study panel consulted with local and regional experts, and conducted a rigorous analysis of existing data to fill in key informational gaps to support the management and recovery of Puget Sound forage fish. The PSI study panel produced a report for the Puget Sound Partnership’s Science Panel, which included several research and monitoring recommendations. These research priorities have been submitted for consideration on the Science Panel’s Biennial Science Work Plan.

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