COVID-19 Testing

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In addition to the testing described here, students faculty and staff can also participate in the Husky Coronavirus Testing program starting Sept. 24. LEARN MORE

UW Tacoma will be offering free testing for students, faculty and staff through the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department's mobile testing labs. Currently, testing is scheduled for:

  • Thursday, October 8 - from 10am - 3pm
  • Saturday, October 24 - from 10am - 3pm
  • Saturday, December 5 – from 10am - 3pm

The mobile testing lab will be set up in the parking lot on the north side of the Pinkerton Building. Additional testing dates will be scheduled on campus. You can also get tested at any of the other mobile testing lab dates offered by TPCHD.

Testing FAQ

How does the testing site work?

Pierce County will bring one of its mobile testing trailers to an outdoor location near UW Tacoma’s Pinkerton Building. The test is available via drive-thru or walk-up.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, the mobile testing site operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The County will develop a pre-registration form and appointment times if the UW Tacoma test site becomes more popular.

How do you keep people safe at the testing sites?

The County has in place protocols for people to wear masks and stay 6 feet away from others. Staff helping people take the tests wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear. Volunteer staff are on site to monitor and encourage physical distancing. People can get tested without leaving their vehicles.

How much does the test cost?

The test is free.

Do I have to provide identification or insurance information?

You will not be asked to show ID or insurance information. Volunteers ask for a phone number so we can contact you with the test results, and you will be asked to fill out a form for the lab test (see next question).

What else should I do to prepare?

To make the process go faster, please fill out this form in advance so you can be contacted with results, and fill out this form for the lab test. Complete both forms on your device, and print and bring them with you to the testing site. Complete one form for each person being tested in your group. If you can't print and fill them out in advance, the forms will be available at the testing site.

Who should get tested?

Everyone should get tested, as a precautionary measure.

Can unaccompanied minors get a test?

Yes, minors can get a test if they bring a written note from a parent or guardian with permission to test for COVID-19.

What type of test is it?

A nasal swab. It is not painful, just uncomfortable for a moment.

How long will it take to get the results?

DispatchHealth, in affiliation with MultiCare, is the medical provider conducting the tests. People with positive test results will be prioritized for contact. People should get their results back within five to seven business days. If they have not received their results, they can call (833) 723-0490.

Who delivers the results?

DispatchHealth, the medical provider who conducts the tests, will deliver the results.

If I don’t receive my results after 5-7 days, who do I call?

Call DispatchHealth at 833-723-0490.

How will you share the test results, and with whom?

Patient privacy is important. Results are shared with the person who takes the test. The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department receives any positive results. They only use the information to support case and contact investigation.

Are there other options for testing in Pierce County?

There are other testing options in Pierce County beyond the mobile testing stations at UW Tacoma. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has an updated list of additional sites where people can get tested.

Additional questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Wagshul-Golden, Director of Campus Safety & Security, at, or Bernard Anderson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life, at