Dressel Scholars Mentorship Program

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About the Program

Many UW Tacoma students are first-generation students who possibly don’t know the pathways to engagement in their community—or don’t have access to those networks. This mentorship program is designed to open those doors. The financial assistance for Dressel Scholars is designed to free up students’ time so that they can engage in ways that will plant their roots here and weave them into the fabric of this community.

We are creating a world-class scholars program that is good for students, good for the community, and honors the legacy of leadership that Melanie Dressel embodied.

Become A Dressel Mentor

Expectations of Mentors

We will build a team of three mentors for each Dressel Scholar, selected from the pool of mentor applicants. Matching of mentor “fit” and student goals will be done the first week of September, and students will be introduced to their mentors prior to the start of the school year.

The expectations for you, as a mentor, are the following:

  • Attend a mentor training to meet other mentors and your student and learn about the program.
  • Connect with your student (by phone, email, or in person) once a month during the school year.
  • Meet as a team with your student and the other two mentors once a quarter.
  • Provide opportunities for your student to participate in events, attend functions, engage with your organization, and become familiar with the vast civic and business communities in this region.
  • Attend a year-end Dressel Scholars Dinner event.

Expectations of Students

Students will be expected to be available and engaged with their team of mentors. That said, our students at UW Tacoma are extremely busy with their studies, internships, jobs (usually at least one) and other commitments. There are some minimum expectations for students that will ensure the success of the program through their active engagement:

  • Attend the mentor training as well as an overnight retreat prior to the school year.
  • Connect with all three of their mentors (by phone, email, or in person) once a month during the school-year.
  • Meet with their mentor team once a quarter.
  • Report on the number of engagements that they have participated in during each quarter.
  • Attend a year-end Dressel Scholars Dinner event.


We collect data regarding the opportunities offered to students, the opportunities they actually engaged in, and the rates of participation. Students will be keeping track and reporting information regarding their interactions with mentors throughout the year. The collection of this information will inform future programming, training, student needs, and mentor needs.

2020-2021 Community Mentors

Jenn Adrien
Clover Park Technical College
Linda Danforth
Political Consultant
Jahmed Canley
Potential Unleashed
Liz Dunbar
Tacoma Community House, Retired
Amanda Figueroa
UW Tacoma
Michael Helser
UW Tacoma
Mike Hiller
Columbia Bank
Rita Irvin
McKinley Irvin
Quinn Kuhn
Pediatrics NW
Joe Lawless
UW Tacoma
Joanna Monroe
Consult JSM
Nori Roman
Columbia Bank
Colette Taylor
Russell Investments, Retired
Anaid Yerena
UW Tacoma Faculty
Daja Sawyer
Comprehensive Life Resources
Gretchen Adams
Systems Consulting
Everette Adams
System Consulting
Chris Lilley
McGranahan Architects
Lisa Daugaard
Public Defender
Samantha Dana
Clover Park Technical College
Jessica Sire
Columbia Bank
Judi Griffin
HD Supply
Maria Harlow
Names Foundation