Eligibility and criteria

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  • To be eligible, the faculty member must be full-time tenured or tenure-track or be an assistant teaching professor, associate teaching professor, or teaching professor who has over time accumulated a minimum of one year full-time teaching at the University of Washington Tacoma.
  • Previous recipients are not eligible for the award. The UW Tacoma Distinguished Teaching Award may be received only once per lifetime.


  • Demonstrates excellence and continued development in own teaching
  • Integrates scholarship into teaching
  • Inspires excellence in students
  • Provides for significant individualized student learning through advising, mentoring, field work, independent study or graduate projects, for example
  • Integrates a knowledge of community and diversity into teaching and learning in the classroom and/or through such experiences as field work, and service learning
  • Stimulates and supports active and continuous learning to meet student/learner needs and perspectives using creative instructional methodologies and selection of course content
  • Demonstrates leadership in course and curriculum development

Solicitation of supporting material

Upon nomination and confirmation of eligibility, nominees will be asked to submit the following documents electronically to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs:

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • One- to three-page, single-spaced personal statement addressing the criteria for the award. The candidate should include information he or she views as useful to help the committee understand the teaching activities
  • Three course syllabi that typify the candidate's teaching activity
  • Any additional supporting documentation (limited to six pages and submitted electronically) the nominee might select to expand upon and exemplify the personal statement or exemplify excellence. Nominees should not solicit course evaluations or testimonials for the award; however, materials previously accumulated in their files are appropriate. If the nominee chooses to submit student or peer evaluations, it would be useful if the evaluations relate to the courses for which syllabi are submitted.


  • The award recipient will attend and be recognized at the UW Tacoma awards ceremony, the UW Seattle awards ceremony and the UW Tacoma Commencement ceremony
  • The awardee will chair the Distinguished Teaching Award committee the year after receiving the award