Childcare Assistance Application & Required Documentation

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Before you Apply

  • Ensure that you have a 2020-2021 FAFSA on file with the University of Washington Tacoma
  • Ensure that you are applying to the correct campus (incorrect UW campus applications will not be considered)
  • Complete a Revision Request Form done online that goes to the Office of Financial Aid. This form is used to factor in the costs of childcare to potentially revise your financial aid award.
  • Submit the Cost Verification Form

How to Apply

Complete the online Childcare Assistance Program application below.​

Click to Apply

You will need to have the 'Provider ID Number' given by the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) before you can submit your application. You may request this from your childcare provider, or search online through the WA State Department of Children, Youth, and Families

After you Apply

You will receive a confirmation email within the following 1-2 business days from the Childcare Assistance Program Administrator with information regarding your application status. If the application is incomplete,  more information is needed, or if you do not qualify for the program, you will be contacted. Depending on program space availability, you may be placed on a waitlist and contacted at a later date if a space becomes available. 


For information about funds disbursements and timeline, please visit the Funds Disbursement page.

Documentation Requirements

In addition to the application you must submit a Cost Verification Form with adequate payment documentation will be required for submission to receive funds. The licensed childcare provider listed on your application will need to complete and sign a portion of this form. Adequate payment documentation may include one of the following:

  • Copy of childcare provider accounting record, ledger card, paid invoice or statement
  • Copy of personal checks (front and back) - black out any account numbers
  • Copy of money order or cashier's check
  • Legible copy of bank statement showing electronic payment (transfer) of funds from bank account to the childcare provider
  • Typed letter signed by the childcare provider (must be on the childcare provider's letterhead) detailing names, dates of attendance, total monthly costs, and types/total of payments made
Failure to Submit the Cost Verification Form and Supporting Documentation:
If no communication has been made to the Childcare Assistance Program Administrator and you have not submitted your Cost Verification Form with supporting documentation, you may:
  • Have your entire award cancelled and be required to repay the awarded funds (if funds are not repaid, a collections process may be initiated. All associated collection fees will be the responsibility of the student).
  • Have transcript and registration holds placed on your student account until repayment has been received
  • Become ineligible to participate in the program
Unused Funds, or Funds Paid to Unauthorized Provider:
Unused funds will require repayment. No additional funding will be authorized until full amount has been repaid.

If you choose to move your child(ren) to another provider,  you must give prior notice and receive approval from the Childcare Assistance Program Administrator. You will need to provide the new provider's name, provider ID #, address and phone number. You must receive approval from the Childcare Assistance Program Administrator prior to making payment to the new provider.

Collections Processing and Applicable Fees:
If the University is unable to collect repayment, or unpaid debts, a collections process may be initiated. All associated collection processing fees will be the responsibility of the student to pay.


Student Conduct Code, Washington Administrative Code 478-120:


It is understood that the students that participate in this program are to abide by policies and procedures of standards of conduct as outlined in the Student Conduct Code, Washington Administrative Code 478-120. 

478-120-020 Standards of Conduct

a. Practicing high standards of academic and professional honesty and integrity;

c. Complying with the rules, regulations, procedures, policies, standards of conduct, and order of the university and its schools, colleges, and departments