Childcare Assistance FAQs

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How do I apply?

UW Tacoma students may apply online on our Application & Required Documentation page. Each UW Campus supports their own Childcare Assistance Programs, so please ensure you are applying to the correct campus. Incorrect campus applications will not be considered.

Do I need to re-apply each quarter?

No. The application is valid for the entire academic year (Autumn - Spring). Summer funding is not available at this time. The application for each year will open on the second week of September and will close on the last day of Spring Quarter.

What if I am not starting until Winter or Spring quarter?

If you are accepted to the University of Washington Tacoma, but do not start until Winter or Spring Quarter, you may still apply. You will be kept on the program list, however will be moved to the waitlist if spaces become filled during Autumn and Winter Quarters. We cannot hold spaces for this program.

How will I know if I am accepted into the program?

You will receive an email confirmation from the Childcare Assistance Program Administrator within 1-2 business days after your application has been submitted. Information will be provided at that time about the status of your application.

How long will it take to get my funds?

A series of verification processes have to take place starting the 10th day after the quarter begins. Should all requirements be met, funds will be disbursed in the following 7-10 business days. Visit the Funds Disbursement webpage for more information.

If my spouse is also a student, can he/she apply even if I've applied?

No. The program only allows one award per family. Because award amounts are based upon full-time and part-time status, please consult with your spouse to decide which option (which spouse)  would be more beneficial to be in the program.

Is the award amount per child?

No. The award amount is per family. We do not have the financial resources to assist per child.

Can I use the funds to pay a friend, parent or grandparent ?

As long as the childcare provider (friend, parent, grandparent, etc.) is licensed through the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) and the student meets all other requirements. If your friend, parent, grandparent, etc., is not licensed through the DCYF, then this would not be allowed.

What if I no longer need to use the Childcare Assistance Program?

Send an email to to let our office know you will no longer be needing the Childcare Assistance Program.

Can I change childcare providers after I applied for the program?

Yes. You are able to change childcare providers, however, prior notification and approval from the Childcare Assistance Program Administrator is required. You will need to email with the following information and wait for approval:

  • New childcare provider name, address and phone number
  • Provider ID number given by the Department of Early Learning

How many credits are considered part-time or full-time?

Part-time or full-time enrollment status is determined based upon the breakdown for Financial Aid purposes:


  • Full-Time = 12+ cr.
  • Part-Time = 6-11 cr.
  • Less than Half-Time = 1-5 cr.


  • Full-Time = 10+ cr.
  • Part-Time = 5-9 cr.
  • Less than Half-Time = 1-4 cr.