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  • Apparel is provided by Oak Hall and can be ordered when you register for Commencement.  Registration is scheduled to open at the end of April. 
  • Bachelor's and master's regalia is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.  These gowns are for purchase only – there is no rental option. 
  • Graduates ordering regalia for the 2020 virtual ceremony are welcome to wear that same regalia for the in-person ceremony in 2021.  
  • All regalia will be shipped directly to students at an address they provide.  

Bachelor's Apparel

Black bachelor's gown emblazoned with the University seal, mortarboard, degree-colored tassel. Cost: $54 (2020 prices)

How to wear your cap and Gown for bachelor's students:


Master’s Apparel

Black master’s gown, mortarboard, black tassel, degree-colored hood. Cost: $81 (2020 prices)

How to wear your cap and gown (Master's students):


How are bachelor's and master’s gowns different?

Doctoral Apparel

Purple gown and tam, gold tassel, EdD hood

  • Option 1 – Purchase the Commemorative EdD regalia (gown, tam and hood): Price: $96 (2020 prices)

  • Option 2 – Purchase the Commemorative EdD regalia and purchase the hood: Price: $215 (2020 prices)

  • Option 3 – Purchase full doctoral regalia: Price: $1,014.75 (Graduates wishing to purchase their EdD regalia can contact Oak Hall directly at 1-800-223-0429). Candidates who wish to purchase doctoral apparel should still complete the web Registration/Order Form if they are planning to participate in the Commencement ceremony.  

Photo of Doctoral Apparel

Veterans and active duty military graduates

Red, white and blue tassels are provided free for all graduates who are veterans or active-duty military. These special red, white and blue tassels can be worn in addition to your regular academic tassel or instead of your academic tassel.

Changing Your Order

Once your form has been submitted, you will not be able to make changes online. If you wish to add something to your order email  Once your order has shipped there will be no returns or refunds.

Stoles of Gratitude 
These are given by the graduate to his or her parents, spouse, partner, family member or supporters in appreciation for all they have done to make the graduate’s success possible. Available in gold or purple. Cost: $35 (Note: The Stole of Gratitude cannot be worn by graduating students at Commencement.)

Photo of stole of gratitude (purple)

Souvenir tassels and keyrings

  • Purple and gold souvenir tassels and key rings are available as keepsakes. These are not intended to be worn on during the ceremony. Cost: $8
  • Purple and gold status tassels have a larger, flashier pendant with the year of graduation and are intended as keepsakes. Cost: $10

Souvenir tassel

Souvenir Tassel  

Photo of status tassel

Status Tassel 

Photo of keychain tassel

Keyring Tassel

Additional tassels and hoods

  • Bachelor's candidates receiving a double degree may purchase an additional tassel for the second degree. Cost: $8
  • Master’s candidates receiving a double degree may purchase an additional hood for the second degree. Cost: $31 

Honor cords 
Undergraduate students who have earned baccalaureate honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) gold or faculty honors may purchase an honor cord to wear at the ceremony. Baccalaureate honor cords are gold; faculty honor cords are purple. Ivory honor cords are also available for Global Honors students. Cost: $12