A/V for Conferences

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The University of Washington Tacoma has many options when it comes to A/V support for your conference. We can provide equipment or technical support in order to ensure your conference media runs smoothly.


Media Services Conference Support Policies
Equipment Requests: Requests to setup equipment that is not included in the room will incur the minimum labor charge. Contact Conference Services for list of equipment available and pricing. 
Emergency Support: If, during a conference, Media Services is called in for emergency support there will be a charge of 2x the minimum hourly rate.
Required Media Technician: Conferences that utilize a video production company for public distribution must coordinate with a University Media Technician to ensure conference is recorded properly.
Deadlines: All equipment and support details must be provided 1 week prior to conference. Cancelation within 1 week of an conference will incur a charge of 50% of the total A/V costs (equipment and support).
Change Order: Any changes to a setup within 48 hours of a conference may incur a 20% surcharge.

Technical Services:

We have media technicians who are available to assist with any kind of technical needs you may have. Services that they offer include:
  • Running sound
  • Performance cues
  • Lighting changes
  • PowerPoint assistance
Video recording of your conference:
  • Pre-production: can include project consultation and/or project coordination
  • Videotaping: uses professional lighting, digital video and audio systems to help create HD, broadcast quality video material
  • Post-production: can finish up projects with modern editing and duplication facilities, and can convert video programs into the latest streaming formats
Contact Conference Services for current video production rates.