A/V for Conferences

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The University of Washington Tacoma has many options when it comes to A/V support for your conference. We can provide equipment or technical support in order to ensure your conference media runs smoothly.


Media Services Conference Support Policies
Equipment Requests: Requests to setup equipment that is not included in the room will incur the minimum labor charge outlined below.
Emergency Support: If, during a conference, Media Services is called in for emergency support there will be a charge of 2x the minimum hourly rate.
Required Media Technician: Conferences that utilize a video production company for public distribution must coordinate with a University Media Technician to ensure conference is recorded properly.
Deadlines: All equipment and support details must be provided 1 week prior to confernce. Cancelation within 1 week of an conference will incur a charge of 50% of the total A/V costs (equipment and support).
Change Order: Any changes to a setup within 48 hours of a conference may incur a 20% surcharge.


Equipment Prices:

Our Media Services department can provide many options for your audio and visual needs.
Below are the estimated prices for each item, including the cost of setup by one of our trained technicians.

Microphone: wired with stand

$25.00 (+$25.00 setup fee) = $50.00

3 mics = $100.00

Wireless handheld microphone with stand

$25.00 (+$25.00 setup fee) = $50.00

3 mics = $100.00

Lavalier microphone $50.00 (+$25.00 setup fee) = $75.00
Panel microphone (up to 4) $25.00 (+$25.00 setup fee) = $50.00
Speakers (1 pair) $100.00 + setup (typical setup is 1 hour = $50.00) = $150.00
PA System (2x speakers, mixer, 2x floor monitors) (operator required) $200 + operator cost + microphone cost
Audio Conference System/Speakerphone (Polycom conference tabletop unit) $50.00 (+$25.00 setup fee) = $75.00
Document camera $50.00 (+$25.00 setup fee) = $75.00
Portable screen (50"x80" widescreen) $25.00
Slide projector (automatic or remove control extension cable with tray) $25.00
Smart Cart (Data Projector) $100.00
Technical Services:
We have media technicians who are available to assist with any kind of technical needs you may have. Services that they offer include:
Conference staffing
  • Running sound
  • Performance cues
  • Lighting changes
  • PowerPoint assistance
Video recording of your conference:
  • Pre-production: can include project consultation and/or project coordination
  • Videotaping: uses professional lighting, digital video and audio systems to help create HD, broadcast quality video material
  • Post-production: can finish up projects with modern editing and duplication facilities, and can convert video programs into the latest streaming formats
  • For an example of video recording please click here for a link to a recent lecture held in William W. Philip Hall
Contact Conference Services for current video production rates.

Technician Rates:

Below are estimated prices for technical assistance for external groups on campus.

Monday - Friday $50.00 per hour (30 minute minimum)
Saturday - Sunday $50.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)