Conference Signage

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There are a few options available to you if you want signage for your conference on campus. We can provide sandwich boards, stand signs and breakout signs.

Our stand signs are great if you want to add a “welcome” sign outside of the room(s) that you are using. They are also used indoors for directional signage and can say things such as “please take the stairs or elevator to the third floor”.

The sandwich boards are used for directional signage purposes and are great for directing people around campus.

The breakout signs can be printed and posted at each breakout location. These are ideal for presentation schedules, names of specific presenters or classes.

There is a lot of flexibility in what can be put on these signs. If you are interested in using a logo or have specific verbiage you would like to use be sure to mention that to the Conference Coordinator when you are booking with us.

Stand signs:

can accommodate 11” by 17” signs

Sandwich Boards:

can accommodate 11” by 17” signs

Breakout Signs:

can accommodate 8.5” by 11” signs