Frequently Asked Questions

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This page contains a short compilation of information that is often helpful to our internal partners. If you still have questions, or don't see the information you need here, please contact our office. We're happy to help!

Where are you located?

The University of Washington Tacoma is located in the heart of downtown Tacoma on the 1900 block. The Conference Services office is located in the William W. Philip Hall on campus, at 1918 Pacific Avenue. We are located on the second floor just to the left when you come up the stairs.

Do you rent your classrooms?

Yes, we do!  The University has over 50 classrooms that non-university organizations and individuals may rent. Please note that University of Washington Tacoma courses will always receive priority in the scheduling of classrooms.  We are now accepting event reservations through January 3, 2021 for classroom rentals. 

How far out can I reserve space on campus?

Spaces scheduled on campus follow a scheduling timeline. Specific dates that spaces become available for request are based on the type of space being requested - academic space vs. non-academic space.

Academic spaces include classrooms, computer classrooms, and breakout rooms.  These spaces must give first priority to University courses and all reservations assigned in academic spaces may be subject to change due to academic needs. This will include reassignment or cancellation.

Non-academic spaces include conference rooms, indoor event spaces, outdoor event spaces, and building lobbies/atriums. We are now accepting event reservations through August 31, 2021 for event space rentals. 

Is there a different price point for being a nonprofit organization?

Yes, Conference Services offers a nonprofit and government rate when it comes to room rentals. To find out more about what a room would cost, please contact us at 253-692-4676 or

Do you have high speed or wireless internet access?

Yes, the University of Washington wireless (Wi-Fi) service is designed as a primary access network for UW students, faculty and staff, but is also available for guest use with a guest account. This network provides Wi-Fi coverage inside most buildings as well as some outdoor areas campus.  If you would like access to wireless internet, there is a small fee of $25.00 for the creation of the guest account.  This account would give access to all your attendees.

Can I reserve space at the University Y Student Center?

Yes. Here is the link to view the space:

The UWY is a joint space that the University shares with the YMCA. Our Conference Services Team can help with the booking process if you would like to have your event at the UWY. 

Does the University offer meal service?

If you would like to have food at your event, we have a preferred caterers list. Here is the link to our preferred caterers list:

Are all event spaces on campus handicapped accessible? 


If I have a nursing mother at my event, is there a space they are able to utilize?

Yes. We have lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers GWP 410 & MAT 204A. The UWT lactation rooms are for current UWT students, staff, faculty, and UWT guests. The room is to be used on a drop in basis and available when the buildings are open. Please contact Campus Safety after 5pm or before 8am.

To gain access, please contact:

Student Engagement (M-F, 8am-5pm)

MAT 103/ 253-692-4901

Campus Security (Between 5pm-8am)

DOU 180/ 253-692-4416

What kind of Audio Visual equipment can you provide for my event?

The University of Washington Tacoma has many options when it comes to A/V support for your conference. We can provide equipment or technical support in order to ensure your conference media runs smoothly.          

Media Services Conference Support Policies

Equipment Requests: Requests to setup equipment that is not included in the room will incur the minimum labor charge. Contact Conference Services for list of equipment available and pricing.

Emergency Support: If, during a conference, Media Services is called in for emergency support there will be a charge of 2x the minimum hourly rate.

Required Media Technician: Conferences that utilize a video production company for public distribution must coordinate with a University Media Technician to ensure conference is recorded properly.

Deadlines: All equipment and support details must be provided 1 week prior to confernce. Cancelation within 1 week of an conference will incur a charge of 50% of the total A/V costs (equipment and support).

Change Order: Any changes to a setup within 48 hours of a conference may incur a 20% surcharge.

Technical Services:
We have media technicians who are available to assist with any kind of technical needs you may have. Services that they offer include:                     

  • Running sound
  • Performance cues
  • Lighting changes
  • PowerPoint assistance

Video recording of your conference:

  • Pre-production: can include project consultation and/or project coordination                                          
  • Videotaping: uses professional lighting, digital video and audio systems to help create HD, broadcast quality video material                                   
  • Post-production: can finish up projects with modern editing and duplication facilities, and can convert video programs into the latest streaming formats                          

Contact Conference Services for current video production rates.

Is there parking available on campus?

Yes, there is hourly paid parking available on campus for both UW Tacoma parking lots and City of Tacoma on-street parking. For more information on rates, locations, and other parking options, feel free to visit UW Tacoma’s Transportation Services’ website at

Can we setup our own equipment, signage, etc.?

Clients may use any of their own equipment, signage, decor, etc. that will contribute to the success of their event. The removal and/or disposal of these items immediately after the event will be the client’s responsibility. For the use of signage and decor within our facility, the following are prohibited:

  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Staples
  • Sequins
  • Nails
  • Tacks
  • Scotch, masking, duct and electrical tape
  • Fog/smoke/bubble machines
  • Fire and/or open flames of any kind

Any and all damages caused by signage and decor, including helium balloons released to the ceiling, will incur charges related to repair and/or removal.

What is your cancellation policy?

Event cancellations must be submitted in writing. Cancellation fees are then assessed for each booking, per room per day, as follows:

  • 8-14 days prior to scheduled event will be charged 25% of the room rental rate plus any unique costs incurred.
  • 7 days prior to a scheduled event will be charged the full room rental rate plus any unique costs incurred.

Will other groups or individuals be on site during our meeting or event?

Depending on the time and date, there may be students on site during an event. Another group on campus may be holding their own event as well, however, simultaneous gatherings will take place in their own respective UW Tacoma spaces.

Does the University employ full-time staff that will be available during meetings and events?

Yes, there will be a Conference Services staff member available during all meetings and events as a point of contact for clients. In addition to a member of our team, there will also be an officer from Campus Safety roaming the campus.

Are there emergency services and security procedures in place on campus?

Yes. Here is a link to emergency evacuation routes, assembly points, heart defibrillator and emergency phone locations, with more information about these items - There is also a first aid kit located at Campus Safety & Security Office in Dougan, Room 180.

The last time I booked I worked with this person, why do I have a different coordinator this time around?

Our team is growing and depending on the capacity of each staff member, event coordinator roles may shift. We hope each event or conference you host with us is a smooth process whoever you are working with from our staff to lead student employees.

How will attendees find the location of my event day-of?

Conference Services can provide signage for your conference on campus. We can provide sandwich boards, stand signs and breakout signs. The sandwich boards are used for directional signage purposes and are great for directing people around campus. 

What are my payment options?

Payments may be made online here, or through check, by mailing it to: Conference Services, University of Washington Tacoma, 1900 Commerce Street, Tacoma, WA 98402

Do you offer a loading zone?

There is a loading zone by William Philip Hall off S 21st., turning on Dolly Roberson Lane, and by the Joy building off Commerce St. See campus map here:

How do I get Special Liability Insurance for my event?

There are multiple outlets to purchase special events coverage. A quick Google search will bring several up. These policies may be purchased online and applications are super quick to complete. Some common places people have purchased are:

Additional information: The Board of Regents of the University of Washington must be named as an additional insured. We should be requiring $1M per occurrence and $2M in the aggregate liability coverage which can be obtained via the special events coverage. If liquor will be served coverage must apply to liquor service, as well.