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Hello Husky family! Conference Services can assist you with any conference (academic or non-academic) that your department would like to host. If you are interested in booking a conference, please contact Tyler Pederson by email or phone at 253-692-4676.

Note that UW Tacoma is required by state law to charge for any non-UW Tacoma use of campus facilities (WAC 478-136).

Please take moment to review our Internal Policies and Procedures.

Is your event an Internal Event, Sponsored Conference or External Conference?

Internal Event

The event is fulfilling the mission of the university for a class or programmatic purpose.

  • Managed by UW Tacoma Department
  • Direct costs paid by department, no room rental fee

If ANY of the items below apply to your event, your activity is considered an External Conference and must be coordinated through Conference Services and fees will apply.

  • A registration fee
  • Fundraising for an external organization
  • Event does not directly fulfill the University of Washington Tacoma's Mission

Sponsored Conference

Directly and substantially related to the Mission of the University, while working with an outside organization.

  • Managed by Conference Services and UW Tacoma Department
  • No booking fee
  • 50% reduction of room rental fee
  • No overhead costs, just direct pass-through costs like Facilities, Parking and or Campus Security

A unit has two options if they wish to partner with an outside entity to host an event at UW Tacoma.

  1. Provide unit staff to assist with the planning and to be the Responsible Event Manager and On-Site Point of Contact for the event. If you select this option, Conference Services staff will be onsite on the day of the event to ensure the event gets started. Once the event is started they will turn things over to the unit staff.
  2. Pay Conference Services to staff the event.

All unit-sponsored events must be approved by the Dean/Director or Vice Chancellor of the sponsoring unit. Conference Services staff will provide all planning assistance to the outside entity.  

External Conference

For UW Tacoma departments an event that indirectly relates to the Mission of the University. For organizations outside UW Tacoma, an event presented for the benefit of the entity’s constituents.

  • Managed by Conference Services
  • $100 booking fee
  • Regular price room rental
  • Catering service charge
  • Pass-through direct costs

Overhead on non pass-through costs.

Need help navigating these options, or have any other questions? Browse our Internal Frequently Asked Questions page here or contact us to get started:

Our office is located in:
William W. Philip Hall, Room 205

Our office hours are:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: closed

Our campus box is: 358447

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