Congratulations to 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award recipient, Dr. Ellen Moore

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Communication Lecturer Dr. Ellen Moore—a member of the CAC division of IAS since 2009—was recently awarded the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award, an annual recognition of exemplary teaching at UW Tacoma. As this year's award recipient, Moore will be recognized in ceremonies at both UW Tacoma and UW Seattle.

Speaking of her philosophy of teaching, Moore stated, “I believe in teaching ‘grit’ to students—that is, to persevere through all the types of difficult situations that life throws at us as we make our way in the world.”  Moore noted that while students are often focused on grades, she believes there is much more to their classroom success than simply a high GPA. “Getting an ‘A’ can be the mark of success in a course,” she said. “But it is not the only one. True success is measured by how much dedication and effort a student has put into her or his schoolwork, and how much he or she has truly learned.”

When it comes to dedication and effort, Moore knows whereof she speaks. Last year, Moore brought her personal commitment to environmental issues to her work on the City of Tacoma’s Sustainable Tacoma Commission.  Then, connecting her community involvement to her Fall 2014 course in Contemporary Environment Issues & the Media, she led a UW Tacoma competition to reduce our campus community's carbon footprint—UWT Biggest Carbon Loser. In addition to bringing her students to a greater awareness of environmental issues, Moore’s efforts also resulted in a Green Seed Fund grant from the University of Washington to further this research.

Moore—well-known on campus for her outstanding teaching abilities, her concern for her students, and her ability to connect her classroom with the local community—spoke of the Distinguished Teaching Award as an “honor,” calling it a “true pleasure to have taught the remarkable students at UW Tacoma,” and adding that she “looks forward to many more years meeting, working and learning with them.”

No doubt, Moore’s students would say the same.

Written by: 
Margaret Lundberg / April 10, 2015