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American Studies

American Studies considers what it means to be “American” by evaluating the ideals and realities of life in the United States. Explore the ways our national and cultural identities are produced through a variety of issues and experiences, including the influences of class, ethnicity, gender and race.

In our program, you can increase your understanding of American systems, American lives and American spaces through investigations and discussions, creative work and community-engaged projects.

Arts, Media and Culture

This major focuses on how the fields of art and media operate within culture and how they transform it. Study formal, aesthetic and socio-cultural ways of understanding literature, visual art, film, music and other media.

Learn about a range of fields with the opportunity for some specialization. Gain experience working in fields such as visual arts, film, literature or media in both American and international contexts.


Study the power that media wield in shaping public opinion, crossing boundaries between private and public life, and the role they play in national development. Learn about the social, cultural, economic, political and historical context within which media operate, through courses covering:

  • Media history, theory and criticism
  • Practical skills focused on print, video, or digital media
  • Public relations
  • The Internet
  • Film

To allow you to focus on your areas of interest, the Communication major program offers both a professional track and a research track. You may choose electives from other SIAS majors or undergraduate programs at UW Tacoma. Transfer students should plan on two years to complete all degree requirements.

Spanish Language and Cultures

Students in the Spanish Language and Cultures (formerly known as Hispanic Studies) major develop cultural competence needed to compete in an increasingly diverse world. Our program offers practical skills-based language classes and a strong emphasis on contemporary Latin American culture for students who want to pursue careers in a variety of fields.

Writing Studies

Whether it be in a creative, technical or professional context--compelling writing impacts the world.

Learn to think critically and creatively and to write effectively for a variety of purposes in a wide range of genres.

Writing Studies prepares you to be verbally and visually literate, encouraging your growth as a learner, citizen and professional. You can choose to specialize in either Creative Writing or Technical Communication.

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