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Our advisors are here to help when you have a question about your coursework, credit allocation, transfer credits, or anything else related to your curriculum. 


An academic internship is one of the most rewarding things you can do while you are a UW Tacoma student. Internships develop your problem-solving skills, sense of responsibility and initiative — traits valued by employers and graduate schools.  

Independent Study

Independent study opportunities allow you to expand your educational experience by trying different jobs or diving deeper into a topic of interest through research. You may earn up to 15 independent study credits at UW Tacoma--with up to 10 of these credits coming from internships. Internships over 10 credits require the approval of the Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (SIAS). 


Thanks to the generosity of UW Tacoma's donors, who include friends, faculty, staff and alumni, the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences has the honor of awarding several scholarships to outstanding qualifying students. In Spring 2017 SIAS awarded $42,000 to 7 undergraduate students.


View the current course schedule for the academic year (course time schedules are subject to change). 

CAC Registered Student Organization (RSO)

Get more involved in your academic division and favorite subjects through student organizations.

Course Enrollment Request

Enrollment requests have replaced entry codes. The School of IAS no longer issues entry codes. Instead, students who request enrollment are registered for their requested course(s) once their request has been verified and approved.