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TCOM Internship Guidelines

There are two course options for TCOM students to earn internship course credits: TCOM 490 or TIAS 496. Below are the differences and requirements: 

TCOM 490: Communication Capstone Internship

Student must have senior status.

  • Must be a 5 credit internship
  • Can only be supervised by a TCOM faculty member with related specialization
  • Requires a research paper of 10 to 15 pages
  • Must fit squarely within the skills taught in the COMM program

TIAS 496: SIAS Internship

Students can be from any level/major.

  • Internship can have variable credits
  • Any faculty member can supervise (we still prefer mostly TCOM faculty if TCOM related)
  • Requires a research paper of 6 to 8 pages
  • Must fit predominantly within the skills we teach in the program

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