Technical Communication minor

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Note: Writing Studies major students cannot minor in Technical Communication.

The Technical Communication minor offers written and oral communication courses applicable to all majors, professions and workplace situations, including courses relevant for students interested in pursuing careers in Law and Medicine. This minor is open to students from all majors with the exception of Writing Studies.

Choose from a wide range of workplace-oriented topics, including Technical Communication, Scientific Writing, usability (UX), Cross-Cultural Communication Design, accessible, design, web design and visual rhetoric. While studying questions of social, environmental and disability justice in nonacademic settings, through this Technical Communication minor students enhance their credentials in their chosen major for the job market.

SIAS majors are designed to allow a student to earn a minor without additional credits beyond that required for graduation. With planning, many UW Tacoma majors will work well with the technical communication minor. See your program advisor for more information.

Declare your minor by completing the Request to Declare/Change a Major or Minor form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. You must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor. If you have questions about this process, please see your advisor. For questions specifically about this minor, contact the Technical Communication minor coordinator, Associate Professor Sushil Oswal.

Technical Communication minor course requirements

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