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An option for students without the science prerequisites to do the B.S. in Environmental Science or the B.A. in Environmental Studies, this minor provides a good grounding in the principles of the field.

Note: Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Studies, and Environmental Science major students cannot minor in Environmental Studies.

Students who could benefit:

The Environmental Studies minor can provide a useful supplement to the coursework of SIAS students who have an interest in:

  • Environmental law, as an attorney or paralegal
  • Environmental policy, working for governmental agencies, legislative bodies or in environmental non-profits
  • Environmental psychology, justice or racism

This minor will also be helpful for:

  • Urban Studies majors interested in restoration projects in urban areas or how populations affect the environment
  • Business majors needing a background in the growing fields of "green" marketing and manufacturing or environmental management
  • Nursing majors interested in environmental health
  • Students going into teaching programs
  • Concerned citizens interested in learning more about environmental issues

You can declare a minor by completing the Request to Declare/Change a Major or Minor form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. You must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor. If you have any questions about this process, please see your advisor.

Environmental Studies minor course requirements

The Environmental Studies minor requires 25 credits.

All minors must be completed with a 2.0 minor GPA. Please see an advisor to discuss details.

Required core course

Evening students: TESC 201 is not offered in the evening. It may be possible to complete this lab requirement in an alternative way. Contact an IAS advisor for more details.

UW Tacoma required courses (20 credits)

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List of Biology (B) and Physical Science (P) notations

  • TBIOL 110 General Biology (B) (formerly TESC 110)
  • TBIOL 120 Introductory Biology I (B) (formerly TESC 120)
  • TBIOL 202 Plant Biology and Ecology (B) (formerly TESC 202)
  • TBIOL 203 History and Ecology of Biological Invasions (B) (formerly TESC 402)
  • TBIOL 204 Tropical Ecology and Sustainability (B) (formerly TESC 304)
  • TBIOL 222 Evolution and Its Implications (B)
  • TBIOL 232 Issues in Biological Conservation (B) (formerly TESC 232)
  • TBIOL 234 Biology/ History/Politics of Salmon in the PNW (B) (formerly TESC 234)
  • TBIOL 236 Plants and People: The Science of Agriculture (B) (formerly TESC 236)
  • TBIOL 238 Human Interactions with Marine Invertebrates (B) (formerly TESC 238)
  • TBIOL 240 Human Biology and Environmental Interactions (B) (formerly TESC 240)
  • TBIOL 270 Genetics and Society (B) (formerly TESC 370)
  • TBIOL 307 Environmental Entomology (B) (formerly TESC 440)
  • TBIOL 318 Biogeography (P or B) (formerly TESC 318)
  • TBIOL 324 Ecology of Mt. St. Helens (B) (formerly TESC 302)
  • TBIOL 362 Introduction to Restoration Ecology (B) (formerly TESC 362)
  • TBIOL 404 Neotropical Field Studies Abroad: Ecology and Community (B) (formerly TESC 404)
  • TBIOL 408 Marine Plankton (B) (formerly TESC 408)
  • TBIOL 422 Evolution (B) (formerly TESC 422)
  • TBIOL 432 Forest Ecology Field Studies (B) (formerly TESC 432)
  • TBIOL 434 Conservation Biology Practice (B) (formerly TESC 332)
  • TBIOL 438 Environmental Biology: Marine Invertebrates (B) (formerly TESC 438)
  • TBIOL 442 Marine Ecology (B) (formerly TESC 442)
  • TBIOL 452 Plants, Insects and their Interactions (B) (formerly TESC 452)
  • TBIOL 478 Environmental Microbiology (B) (formerly TESC 378)
  • TCHEM 142 General Chemistry I (P)
  • TCHEM 245 Chemistry through History (P) (formerly TESC 245)
  • TESC 102 Aquatic Ecosystems in Urban Areas (B)
  • TESC 237 Environmental Geology (P)
  • TESC 239 Energy and the Environment (P)
  • TESC 303 Sustainable Development in Africa - Study Abroad (B,P)
  • TESC 319 Water Quality Concepts & Watershed Studies (P)
  • TESC 345 Pollution and Public Policy (P)
  • TESC 430 Environmental Modeling (P)
  • TESC 431 Water Resources and Pollution (P)
  • TESC 433 Pollutant Fate and Transport in the Environment (P)
  • TESC 435 Limnology (P)
  • TESC 490 Topics in Environmental Science (B)
  • TEST 426 Ecological History Field Studies (B) (formerly TESC 426)
  • TGEOS 107 Geohazards and Natural Disasters (P) (formerly TESC 107)
  • TGEOS 117 Physical Geology (P) (formerly TESC 117)
  • TGEOS 215 Meteorology (P) (formerly TESC 215)
  • TGEOS 227 Earth History (P) (formerly TESC 227)
  • TGEOS 241 Oceanography (P) (formerly TGEOS 241)
  • TGEOS 243 Geography of the Physical World (B) (formerly TESC 243)
  • TGEOS 247 Maritime History and Science of the PNW (P) (formerly TESC 247)
  • TGEOS 317 Geology, Landscape, and Culture (P) (formerly TESC 317)
  • TGEOS 321 Soils and Environmental Applications (P) (formerly TESC 321)
  • TGEOS 337 Environmental Geology (formerly TESC 337 )(P)
  • TGEOS 341 Climate Change (P) (formerly TESC 341)
  • TGEOS 343 Atmosphere and Air Pollution (P) (formerly TESC 343)
  • TGEOS 349 Research at Sea (P or B) (formerly TESC 349)
  • TGEOS 415 Sedimentology (P) (formerly TESC 415)
  • TGEOS 417 Field Geology (P) (formerly TESC 417)
  • TGEOS 445 Estuarine Field Studies (B/P) (formerly TESC 445)
  • T GIS 311 Maps and GIS (P)
  • TPHYS 111 Introduction to Astronomy (P) (formerly TESC 111)
  • TPHYS 213 Physical Forces in the Natural World (P) (formerly TESC 213)
  • TPHYS 315 Applied Physics w/ Environmental Applications (P) (formerly TESC 315)

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