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Note: History majors may not earn the History minor.

The History Minor is Effective Winter 2019.  For information regardinging the Public History Minor which was effective prior to Winter 2019, please see the drop down below.  

This minor allows students to study the field of history, which trains historians to be active participants in society using new and innovative methods to convey history to a wide range of audiences. The History minor allows for a broad global perspective or a more focused approach depending on the student's interests and strives to teach the value of history and the need to learn about the past to better understand the present and shape the future.

Who could benefit:

  • Students who are applying to graduate studies in history, anthropology, art history, and library science.
  • Students who want to work in museums, historical societies, or on historical sites.
  • Students who want to work as preservationists, curators, educators, oral historians, park rangers, interpretive guides, media and public relations professionals, and public policy analysts.
  • Environmental Science or Environmental Studies students who are interested in working in zoos and other sites that educate the public about the history and current state of the environment.

History Minor Course Requirements

NOTE: The History minor cannot be earned by students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in History.

All courses in the minor must be completed with a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

History Core: 10 Credits

History Elective: 15 Credits

15 credits from upper-division courses (300-400 level) from the list below.  Only 5 credits can come from courses from this list that do not have a THIST prefix.

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Public History Minor Course Requirements (Effective until Winter 2019)

Students declared into the Public History Minor may still complete the minor at this time.  Students may no longer declare the Public History Minor as of Winter 2019.

All courses in the minor must be completed with a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

United States History Core: 10 Credits History Elective: 5 Credits (List A)

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Public History and Research Core: 15 Credits (List B)

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Architectural, Art, or Local History Elective: 5 Credits (List C)

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Declare your minor by completing the Request to Declare/Change a Major or Minor form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. You must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor. For questions about this minor, please contact the History minor coordinator Professor William Burghart. See your advisor for all other questions and assistance.

To request changes or updates to this page, please contact iashelp@uw.edu.