Teaching, Learning, and Justice Minor

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The Teaching, Learning, and Justice minor is designed to assist students to focus on courses that may help them fulfill requirements for entry into UW Tacoma’s Education Program Teacher Certification Program. For more information about the Education and Community Engagement minor, please contact an academic advisor or email edminorsuwt@uw.edu. The Teaching, Learning, and Justice minor requires 30 credits:

Requirements: 30 credits

Teaching, Learning, and Justice Core: 15 credits

* See Additional Information for students wishing to continue to the Teacher Certification Program below for more details.

Writing-intensive courses: 10 credits

  • Two writing-intensive courses:
    • e.g. English Composition and Literature (or other writing-intensive course). These courses will fulfill K-8 Teacher Certification Program prerequisite coursework. See program website for Secondary prerequisite coursework.

One Developmental Psychology Course: 5 credits

Additional Information for students wishing to continue to the Teacher Certification Program:

  • Students should meet with a program advisor before enrolling in classes. Please email Elizabeth Rangel for more information.
  • Any course taken for the purpose of fulfilling a Teacher Certification program curriculum requirement or prerequisite must be passed with a 2.7 minimum grade.
  • TEDUC 471 and TEDUC 482 (2.7 grade or higher and must have been taken in academic year 2012-2013, or later, to qualify) will count as equivalent courses for two of the courses within our Teacher Certification Program, TEDUC 520 and TEDUC 501, respectively. If not taken as part of the Education minor, TEDUC 471 and TEDUC 482 (same restrictions as above) will still count as equivalent courses for TEDUC 520 and TEDUC 501.  NOTE: effective September 2020, students pursuing the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree, with Teacher Certification, must successfully complete six credits of elective graduate coursework (500-level), in place of TEDUC 501 and TEDUC 520, to meet degree requirements.
  • The Teacher Certification Program requires 40 hours(minimum) of documented experience in a public school classroom or group instructional setting within the last 5 years. The experience should closely match the age level you wish to teach. This requirement must be completed by the time the program begins in Summer quarter. TEDUC 290 will fulfill this requirement. For Summer 2021 applicants only: Due to the lack of access to group instructional settings in the Spring quarter, we are waiving this requirement until further notice.
  • For additional information, please see the Benefits of Declaring a Teaching, Learning, and Justice Minor webpage.