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How to declare a minor

Declare a minor by completing the Request to Declare/Change a Major or Minor form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. You must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor. If you have any questions about this process, please see your advisor.

American Indian Studies minor

Students in the American Indian Studies minor will develop an increased awareness of their own culture and the cultures of Indigenous peoples, will learn to identify and articulate critical questions and approaches that respect and utilize Indigenous paradigms and the common theoretical assumptions of Indigenous cultures. Students will develop facility in communicating with and between Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations and groups in the execution of their academic and professional duties.

Gender and Sexuality Studies minor

When you graduate with a Minor in Gender Studies, you will be well positioned as a critical thinker and engaged citizen. Your training will showcase skills ranging from fluency in various styles of communication and presentation to creative problem solving, enabling you to speak confidently across a range of contemporary social issues.

Museum Studies minor

Learn museum theory, philosophy and practice in the Museum Studies minor. UW Tacoma is uniquely located within a central campus of museums with proximity to major metropolitan areas, providing our students numerous internship and job placement opportunities. Our goal is to prepare students for graduate studies in museology, museum management as well as entry-level positions in the field.

A general track encompasses shared practices that involve registration, curatorial approaches, conservation, fund raising and general management. A specialized track focusing on art museums explores issues that are particular to the academic disciplines associated with those institutions, such as art criticism, connoisseurship and the art market.

Nonprofit Studies minor or certificate

The Nonprofit Studies minor or certificate (formerly known as nonprofit Management) is an option for students who are interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit organizations. Students learn a variety of business and fundraising skills and do internships at various community sites. This minor fits well with many SIAS concentrations.

History Minor

This minor allows students to study the field of history, which trains historians to be active participants in society using new and innovative methods to convey history to a wide range of audiences. The minor allows for a broad global perspective or a more focused approach depending on the student's interests and strives to teach the value of history and the need to learn about the past to better understand the present and shape the future.

Sociology Minor

This minor will introduce you to a variety of sociological concepts, frameworks, and theories that address individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and societies, leaving you prepared to think critically about society and the social worlds we inhabit.

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