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Welcome to the UW Tacoma Statistics Consulting Group Consulting Request Form.  This is a free service available to UW Tacoma faculty and (in some cases) staff.  If you receive useful help from us please remember to acknowledge us in your publications. 

Our consultants will try to provide assistance at any stage of research though we recommend contacting us at the earliest stages of design, including prior to data collection. Upon completion and submission of this form, the UW Tacoma Statistics Consulting Group will review the request to determine whether we are able to provide support. If a consultant is able to assist, he or she will reach out directly to begin the consulting process. If consultants are not able to assist with your project, an administrator will let you know.  Please allow 5 to 6 business days for a response*.

Please be sure to review the information about the UW Tacoma Statistics Group in full on our website, here. In particular, the UW Tacoma Statistics Consulting Group wishes potential clients to be aware of the following:

  • Right to refuse. All consultants offer assistance without compensation in addition to their regular teaching, research and staff responsibilities. As a result, due to time constraints and/or lack of expertise in a particular field, consultants may not be able to take on every request for help
  • Consulting Request Form requirement. In order for your request to be assigned to the most appropriate group member we require that you complete this Consulting Request Form as fully as possible. Furthermore, because we are not a center and consultants operate as individuals, there is no drop-in location.  All queries and requests for support must be submitted via our Consulting Request Form.
  • Consultation, not results. The UW Tacoma Statistics Consulting group provides advice and instruction to the best ability and experience of individual consultants.  The individual(s) seeking statistics support - not the statistical consultants or the UW Tacoma Statistics Consulting Group - are responsible for ensuring the quality and validity of findings or results.
  • Co-authorship. In the event your consultation requires more than 10 hours of a consultant’s time, we ask that you discuss with your consultant(s) the appropriateness of including them as a co-author on your publication, or otherwise formerly recognizing the consultant’s effort.
  • Data cleaning advice. As a part of our effort to help you analyze your data accurately, we are glad to advise you on methods for “cleaning” data.  We do not, however, offer “data-cleaning” as a service.