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Office West Coast Grocery (WCG) 324 [map and directions]
Office hours Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Campus box 358435
Mailing address School of Education
University of Washington Tacoma
Campus Box 358435
1900 Commerce Street
Tacoma WA 98402-3100
Phone 253-692-4430
Fax 253-692-5612
Faculty/staff School of Education faculty/staff directory

Meeting with the Dean

Before scheduling a meeting with the Dean or Dean's Office Staff to discuss a concern about a faculty or staff member in the School of Education, a student should have first met with the person in question to attempt to resolve the issue if possible.

To schedule a meeting please contact one of the following staff members:
Cindy Valerio, Administrator at or 253-692-4432
Donna Braboy, Program Support Supervisor at or 253-692-4431

Please have the following information prepared when requesting a meeting with the Dean:

  1. Your name and phone number.
  2. Your program of study.
  3. Provide a summary of the concern, and discuss what attempts were made to resolve the issue with the person in question.
  4. Briefly explain your desired outcome from the meeting with the Dean. This will allow her to prepare for possible solutions to meet your needs. 

NOTE: Due to FERPA requirements, no UW Tacoma employee may provide information about a student to outside parties including a guardian/parent or spouse without written permission from the student.


Megan Bentley-Moon, Advisor and Certification Specialist
Advising areas: Teacher Certification and Endorsements
(253) 692-5698

Carla Van Rossum, Pre-admission Advisor
Advising areas: Pre-admission for all School of Education programs
(253) 692-4437

Ashley Walker, Advisor and Recruiter
Advising area: Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership
(253) 692-4367