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Schools of Education’s Position on Remote Instruction During COVID-19

The School of Education at UW Tacoma recognizes the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our community, nation, and world. This statement describes the endorsed school-wide efforts to best support current and prospective students during these difficult times. This statement will be revised and updated quarterly to reflect state-wide and university guidance on reopening our campus.

Remote instruction during COVID-19 impact Statement updated 08/24/2020

Contact your academic advisor for primary assistance (they are hosting remote advising sessions and still available to answer questions by e-mail).

You may also contact your program director

  • Dr. Julia Aguirre for Teacher Certification Program
  • Ms. Carey Kirkwood for Field Placements (for Teacher Certification Programs)
  • Dr. Laura Feuerborn for Master of Education for Practicing Educators
  • Dr. Rob MacGregor for Ed Admin Program
  • Dr. Robin Minthorn for EdD Program
  • Dean Rachel Endo at any point with concerns or questions.

2020 Master of Education (M.Ed) Hooding Ceremony

On June 11, 2020, the School of Education hosted a virtual Hooding ceremony.

The ceremony can be viewed on YouTube: School of Education Hooding

Student Resources

Most general information for students can be found on the UW Tacoma website.

School of Education

Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership
The Graduate School


Campus Resources

Office of the Registrar


For important registration information for current students, please visit the Office of the Registrar website.

Academic Calendar (2019-2020 Academic Year)
UW Tacoma Course Catalog

UW Net ID and MyUW Instructions

MyUW is a customized Web portal site for use by students, staff and faculty of the University of Washington. Students can register for classes, check their grades, check their student loan status, apply for short-term loans and get online assistance through the site. A UW NetID is required to access MyUW.


Your personal UW NetID (and its password) provides access to many UW online services including MyUW and UW Email. Your UW NetID verifies who you are, ensures the privacy of your personal information, and restricts the use of UW resources to authorized users.

Create a UW NetID by accessing the About UW NetIDs page.


Once you have created your UW Net ID, Login to MyUW using your UW NetID and password to register for classes. 

From the Student Personal Services menu, select REGISTRATION.

To register for courses, click on Registration. Enter the SLNs for the courses you wish to take, along with entry code (not required for all courses) for each course. NOTE: If your course requires an entry code - codes can only be used once. Messages will appear on the right side of the screen to alert you to any problems. Make any necessary revisions and resubmit.

Husky Card (Student ID Card)

A Husky card is required for a variety of transactions and services on campus. In addition to identification, the Husky card also serves as a library card and U-PASS (if students sign up for it). Lost ID cards can be replaced at the Office of the Registrar. A non-refundable $20 fee is charged for replacement ID cards. Husky cards can be used in the library, the campus copy center, the West Coast Grocery convenience store. The easiest way to add funds to an account is through the Online Card Office using Visa or MasterCard. Students may also open an account or add funds to an existing account with cash in the following locations: WG108 computer lab or UW Tacoma Library.

UW Tacoma Email Account

Every person who has a UW NetID has a default email address of or (they are equivalent). Official messages from the University are sent only to your UW email address. You can keep your UW email address after you graduate or no longer attend UW. For questions about UW email, visit the Email webpage on the Information Technology website, or contact the IT help desk at:, or 253-692-HELP (4357).

UW Email Policy

The following policy statements concern the conditions under which faculty, staff, and students are expected to use the University of Washington email system. They do not prevent faculty, staff, or students from also using that system for other purposes ( e.g., limited private use).

For more information, visit the webpage regarding Appropriate Use.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

To be considered for any type of financial aid, including scholarships, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. The FAFSA can be completed at any time, but for priority consideration, you should make sure you submit it by January 15th. If you complete the FAFSA after this date, we will still try to meet your financial needs, but first priority goes to those who complete it by January 15th.

To learn more, please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website.  

Library Resources

The University of Washington Libraries is an extensive system sharing materials, resources, and services across the three campuses that comprise the University of Washington. UW Tacoma students have access to the entirety of the UW Libraries’ collections, electronic resources, and digital images.      

Subject Librarians for all disciplines are available to provide instruction in class, for groups and individuals. From the UWT Library home page, students can access Research Guides that provide links to article databases, electronic journals, pertinent websites, search techniques, and other information to orient you to the research process.

Teaching and Learning Center

Request the graduate writing support person from the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC).

Information Technology Help Desk

The Department of Information Technology provides computing, media and academic technology support across the UW Tacoma Campus.

Public Transportation

The campus is conveniently located near the Tacoma Dome Transit Station, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit Express, and Downtown Connector buses stop along Pacific Avenue, right in front of campus. Click here to learn more about travel to campus.


UWT students are eligible to purchase discounted quarterly parking permits. For more information, contact the Office of Finance and Administration at 253-692-5660.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, take the following steps for determining whether the campus is open and if classes will be held as scheduled: 

Call (253)-383-INFO to find out if the campus has been closed.  Information will also be posted on the UW Tacoma Home Page.

Sign up for UW Alert. The UW Alert system is designed to immediately notify students and employees about emergencies that affect normal campus operations. Notifications will be displayed on the UW Tacoma website and sent via email. You can also sign up to receive alerts as text messages to your cell phone. In addition to emergency or crisis situations, the system will provide information about suspensions or delays in campus operations due to inclement weather.

Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security is located in the Dougan Building, Room 180B. Safety and Security Services works closely with the Tacoma Police Department in providing law enforcement and security for the campus community. Some of the services available include:

The Campus Safety Escort Program

Motorist Assistance

Lost and Found

What To Do In An Emergency

If you have an emergency, dial 911 from any public telephone or dial 9-911 from any campus telephone. Review the Emergency Response for more information.

Non-Emergency Business: Please report all campus thefts, property losses, vandalism, or suspicious activity to Campus Safety and Security, 253-692-4416.

First Aid Stations

The main First Aid Station is located in DOU-180 Safety & Security Office. First Aid Stations are also located in each office suite on Campus, including the Library, Computer lab and the Harmon Building.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services has expanded to provide you with more ways to access the care you need. With dedicated healthcare providers in downtown Tacoma, additional walk-in locations throughout the Puget Sound, and 24-hour virtual urgent care, we’re making it easier than ever for you to stay Husky and healthy.

Know Before You Go!  Visit the Student Health Services website. 

Diversity Resources

The Office of Equity and Inclusion was created to help cultivate an institutional vision and commitment to diversity while ensuring an equitable environment for all members of the UW Tacoma community. This means paying attention to policies and practices involving management, leadership, communication, resources, scholarship, and community. It includes focusing attention on the demographic composition of UW Tacoma and our surrounding community of the South Puget Sound to be certain that we know who are our students, faculty, staff, and community partners in order to better serve and work with all.

To learn more visit the Office of Equity and Inclusion website. 

Bias Incident Reporting

Is a resource for anyone who needs to report an incident of bias or wants to explore and better understand issues like bias and discrimination, and how to effectively respond.

To learn more visit the Bias Incident Reporting website.

Disability Resources for Students

Disability Resources for Students (DRS) is dedicated to ensuring access and inclusion for all students with disabilities on the UW Tacoma campus.

To learn more visit the Disability Resources for Students (DRS) website. 


Husky2Husky (H2H) Homehsaring

Students often grapple with the rising costs of living, tuition and meeting basic needs. This can create barriers that undermine their ability to academically succeed. UW Tacoma has begun a partnership with Shared Housing Services to provide UW Tacoma Students with safe, stable, and affordable housing to assist in their ability to pursue their educational goals.

Introducing Husky2Husky (H2H), an innovative Homesharing Program that offers Tacoma Residents the opportunity to help a UW Tacoma student obtain affordable housing by utilizing that 'spare room' in their home. This program offers housemate matches based on lifestyles and personalities. This program was created through the partnership with Shared Housing Services.

International Student Housing

On Campus

When you live on campus, you can be independent, but not alone. With all kinds of activities and events happening every day, there are always new friends to make, new experiences to try and new interests to discover. UW Tacoma's Court 17 Apartments offer all the conveniences of apartment-style living coupled with residence life programming, a vibrant community of learners, and a safe environment that facilitates academic success.

To learn more about campus housing visit the Student Housing website.

Off Campus

If you are not planning to live in on-campus housing, or if on-campus housing is already full, click here for many options for living off-campus.

College Housing Assistance Program

Tacoma Housing Authority now budgets to house or pay to house nearly 300 homeless enrolled students at Tacoma Community College (TCC) and the University of Washington at Tacoma (UW Tacoma). This effort is called the THA College Housing Assistance Program (CHAP).

To learn more visit the Tacoma Housing Authority - College Housing Assistance Program website.

The Pantry

The Pantry exists to provide free supplemental, nutritious, and culturally relevant food as well as hygiene items to all UWT students on campus. In an effort to support our students who may be lacking basic needs for themselves and their families, the CEI partners with Nourish Pierce County to provide nutritional and accessible items to all UWT students on campus. In addition the CEI has partnered with several other organizations on campus to do annual Pantry Drives to help support The Pantry. 

To learn more visit The Pantry website.


Advising & Student Responsibilities

All students are required to meet with their advisor to create a program plan that fulfills the requirements for the certification and/or degree. It is the student's responsibility to meet and follow procedures as stipulated by the School of Education and the Graduate School.

Lynn Hermanson, Certification Specialist and Advisor
Advising areas: initial residency certificate (teacher and principal administrator), Special Education endorsement and study option, TELL endorsement and study option, and other endorsements
(253) 692-5698

Ashley Walker, Advisor & Recruiter
Advising areas: Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) and Master of Education (M.Ed.) with study options in Curriculum & Instruction (C&I), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Student Academic and Social Success (SASS)
(253) 692-4367

Students can also seek the advice of any faculty member as needed. Such informal advising is common and highly encouraged. The expertise of faculty should be sought to assist students with career choices or any other professional advice and decision-making.

Student Responsibilities

As students, it is your responsibility to check with the University Book Store and the Copy Center to determine whether there are course materials available for your class. In addition, it is expected that you download additional course materials via Canvas and electronic library course reserves. Faculty who wish for you to download materials from Canvas prior to the first class will inform you of the Canvas course access code via email prior to the first day of class.

Please make it a habit to check Canvas, email and course reserves regularly during the quarter for updates in course materials. Obtaining and utilizing all the required materials will contribute to your success in your classes. We appreciate your cooperation in working with the program to streamline course communication and document distribution.

Student Engagement Funding Resources

Student Engagement offer funding sources for events, trainings and conferences as provided by the Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAFC). Please be sure to review all of the guidelines and fill out the appropriate forms completely, attaching any necessary documentation. Click here to learn more.

Proof of immunization

All enrolled students are required to provide proof of measles (rubeola) immunity. Students will not be allowed to register for any classes until the UW Tacoma Registrar's Office confirms that they have satisfied this requirement. Students born before 1/1/57 are considered to be immune to measles and therefore do NOT need to submit proof of immunity.

Meeting with Dean Endo

Before scheduling a meeting with the Dean or Dean's Office Staff to discuss a concern about a faculty or staff member in the School of Education, a student should attempt to follow these steps:

  1. First meet with the person in question (or have initiated communication) to attempt to resolve the issue if possible. Questions about assignments, grading, and other course requirements should go directly to the course instructor.
  2. If the student did not receive a satisfactory outcome in attempts to communicate with the person, please contact the appropriate faculty director/program coordinator for assistance:
  • Director of EdD Program: Dr. Robin "Zape-tah-hol-ah" Starr Minthorn
  • Faculty Director of Teacher Certification Programs: Dr. Julia Aguirre
  • Faculty Director of Ed Admin: Dr. Rob MacGregor 
  • Other Programs: contact the front desk by e-mail at, call our main line at 253-692-4430, or stop by the main suite in WCG 324 at the front desk during regular business hours (M-F 9:00 am-5:00 pm).

A student who does not feel comfortable directly contacting the person in question may request a direct meeting with the Dean. If the person in question is also serving as a faculty director/program coordinator, the student may request a direct meeting with the Dean. If your concern is about the Dean, you may directly contact the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

To schedule a meeting with a faculty director/program coordinator, contact that person directly. To schedule a meeting with the Dean, please contact one of the following staff members for assistance:

  • Cindy Valerio, Director of Operations at or 253-692-4432
  • Donna Braboy, Program Support Supervisor at or 253-692-4431

Please have the following information prepared when requesting a meeting with the faculty director/program coordinator and/or the Dean:

  1. Your name and phone number.
  2. Your program of study.
  3. Provide a summary of the concern, and discuss what attempts were made to resolve the issue with the person in question.
  4. Briefly explain your desired outcome from the meeting with the faculty director/program coordinator or Dean. This will allow them to prepare for possible solutions to meet your needs.
  5. Indicate your availability with at least 2 dates and times and allow at least 2 business days of notice when trying to schedule a meeting.  

NOTE: Due to FERPA requirements, no UW Tacoma employee may provide information about a student to outside parties including a guardian/parent or spouse without written permission from the student.

Endorsement Competencies

For current endorsement competencies go to the State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) website

Program plans and Study options

K-8 with English Language Learners (ELL) Certification Program Plan

K-8 and ELL Certification program is a 71-credit (teaching certificate only) or a 80-credit (teaching certificate with master's degree) program. The teaching certificate only program is a cohort model which begins summer quarter and requires full-time, daytime attendance for five quarters. The master's degree completion courses are offered during the evening and may be completed on a part-time basis.

K-8 with ELL Certification program plan

Courses are subject to change at the discretion of the School of Education


K-8 with K-12 Special Education Certification Program Plan

The K-8 with Special Education Certification program is a 71-credit (teaching certificate only) or a 80-credit (teaching certificate with master's degree) program. The teaching certificate only program is a cohort model which begins summer quarter and requires full-time, daytime attendance for five quarters.

During year 2, courses are designed to support new teachers in their first year of teaching and will be offered during late afternoons. Mentoring designed to coordinate with the university program also will be offered.

K-8 with K-12 Special Education Certification Program Plan

Courses are subject to change at the discretion of the School of Education

Secondary Math Certification Program Plan

The Secondary Math Certification program is a 47-credit (teaching certificate only) or a 59-credit (teaching certificate with master's degree) program. Most courses are offered in the evening and may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The clinical practice requirement during winter and spring quarters takes place during regular school hours.

Secondary math certification program plan

Courses are subject to change at the discretion of the School of Education

Secondary Science Certification Program Plan

The Secondary Science Certification program is a 47-credit (teaching certificate only) or a 59-credit (teaching certificate with master's degree) program. Most courses are offered in the evening and may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The clinical practice requirement during winter and spring quarters takes place during regular school hours.

Secondary science certification program plan

Courses are subject to change at the discretion of the School of Education

Educational Administration Program Plan

In addition to the State of Washington Residency Administrator's Certificate requirements, all students must complete the following coursework:

Courses are subject to change at the discretion of the School of Education


Master of Education for Practicing Educator - Study Options

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program at the University of Washington Tacoma, offers several study options for practicing educators, each with its unique requirements

Study options

The study option provides focused study in one specialized area of education. Students must select one study option and complete required courses:

Curriculum and Instruction (C & I)
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Special Education
Student Academic and Social Success (SASS)
Teaching English Language Learners (TELL)

Policy, procedures, handbooks & forms


2020-21 Graduate Student Handbook


The grading system for graduate students is covered in the Graduate School Memorandum No. 19.

Additionally, an Incomplete received in a course required for certification must be converted into a passing grade by beginning of the next quarter. An Incomplete will remain a permanent part of the student record. Refer to the Teacher Certification Program Policies and Procedures for the TCP Incomplete Policy.

Low Scholarship

Grades below 2.7 are interpreted as failure to master relevant program standards. Any student who at term's end has earned a grade below 2.7 in a required course will be required to retake the course. All student transcripts are reviewed at the end of each quarter. Those students earning below a 2.7 in any one course, a quarterly GPA below a 3.0 , and/or a cumulative GPA of below 3.0 will be referred to the Graduate Faculty Council.

See below for the UW Tacoma Education Program's Retention and Dismissal Policy.

Graduate on leave status

To maintain graduate status, a student must be enrolled on a full-time, part-time, or official on-leave basis from the time of first enrollment in the Graduate School until completion of all requirements for the graduate degree. Registration is required when applying for the master's degree and receiving the degree. Summer quarter on-leave enrollment is automatic for all graduate students who were either registered or officially on leave the prior spring quarter. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment constitutes evidence that the student has resigned from the Graduate School. To be eligible for on-leave status, the student must have registered for, and completed at least one quarter in the University of Washington Graduate School. The student must also have been registered or officially on leave for the immediate past quarter (except summer).

On-leave policy: Students will be required to complete an on-leave form and pay the fee for EACH quarter they wish to be on leave. Continue to check here for updated information: Graduate on leave status

Reinstatement fee:If a student becomes inactive (does not go on-leave and does not register for any given quarter) and wishes to enroll in a future quarter, there will be a $250 reinstatement fee. Graduate request for reinstatement

Retention and Dismissal

Students are responsible for knowing policies and procedures as outlined by the UW Graduate School, the School of Education, and the University of Washington Tacoma.

Retention and dismissal policy: The retention and dismissal policy of the University of Washington Tacoma School of Education outlines the policy and procedures regarding review for low scholarship and satisfactory progress for all students enrolled in the School of Education. Academic standards and satisfactory progress are outlined separately for all Master of Education (M. Ed.) students except for specific modifications outlined for students enrolled in the Teacher Certification Program (TCP) and for those students enrolled in the Educational Administrator Certification program. All students regardless of program are expected to meet Standards for Essential Abilities and Dispositions for Admission and Continuance in the School of Education at the University of Washington Tacoma.

Retention and Dismissal Policy
Standards for Essential Abilities and Dispositions
Assessment of Standards for Essential Abilities and Dispositions Form (powered by Qualtrics) 

Student Counseling/Remediation

Student Progress Counseling/Remediation: Practicum & Field Supervision - Formal
Student Progress Counseling/Remediation: Practicum & Field Supervision - Informal

Teacher Certification Field Experience Policy

Termination from Teacher Certification Program for Unsatisfactory Performance in Field Placements 


Incomplete request form
Independent study form
Petition form for Master of Education
Petition form for Education Minor
Transfer credit policy

Important links

UW Tacoma Catalog
UW Tacoma Time Schedule and Registration Guide
Graduate School
FERPA Information

Tuition Exemption Policy

Tuition Exemption Policy

Tuition Exemption Policy updated June 26, 2020

School of Education Tuition Exemption Policy

Updated: June 26, 2020

To ensure financial sustainability across all academic programs within the School of Education (SOE), we have implemented revisions to our tuition-exemption policy, effective summer 2020.

Under our revised policy, the SOE supports tuition exemption eligible Washington State employees (under RCW.28B.15.558) to enroll on a *space-available basis in the four (4) core courses required in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) for Practicing Educators degree program. These courses are offered several times throughout the academic year and summer, and provide foundational coursework for those seeking an advanced degree in Education. The core courses are:


  • TEDUC 501: Foundations of Education: Policy, Ethics, & Philosophy (3 credit course)
  • TEDUC 502: Learning about Learning (3 credit course)
  • TEDUC 503: Educational Measurement (3 credit course; Prior to Summer 2020); TEDUC 520: Multicultural Education (3 credit course; Starting Summer 2020)
    • ​​​Note:  Effective summer 2020 TEDUC 520: Multicultural Education, will replace TEDUC 503 as one of the four (4) core courses covered under the tuition exemption policy. TEDUC 503 will still be a course requirement going forward, just not considered one of the four core courses.
    • Grandfathering of students prior to summer 2020:  Students enrolled in the M.Ed. for Practicing Educators degree program, prior to summer 2020, may enroll in and count TEDUC 503 as one of the four tuition exemption eligible courses, instead of TEDUC 520.  Students who enrolled prior to summer 2020 have until spring quarter 2021 to take TEDUC 503 as one of the four tuition exemption eligible courses. If students have already taken TEDUC 503 under tuition exemption benefits, they are not eligible for TEDUC 520 using tuition exemption benefits also. In summary, the School of Education will only honor four total courses (12 credits maximum) for tuition exemption eligible WA state employees.
  • TEDUC 504: Understanding Educational Research (3 credit course)

Other SOE programs such as Teacher Certification, Educational Administration, and Educational Leadership (Ed.D.), and Graduate Non-Matriculated status are not eligible for tuition exemption.

UW Employee Exception:

As a commitment to the professional development and growth of all UW employees, the SOE will continue to allow UW employees to take all eligible courses in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) for Practicing Educators degree program as tuition exempt, provided space is available. Courses that are NOT eligible for tuition exemption benefits include independent study, culminating project/practicum, fieldwork, or distance learning (online), at any time, per RCW RCW.28B.15.558. Other SOE programs such as Teacher Certification, Educational Administration or Educational Leadership will not be eligible for tuition-exemption benefits.

Important:  Please note that the UW Tacoma campus is expected to implement a tuition exemption policy in the near future that will align UW employees to the same benefits provided to WA state employees, which is offering the four (4) core courses (TEDUC 501, TEDUC 502, TEDUC 504, and TEDUC 520) only for tuition exemption. Once the UW Tacoma campus policy has been implemented, there will be a one-year grandfathering period. The SOE tuition exemption policy will be updated once the UW Tacoma campus policy has been approved and implemented.

*Space Availability Basis:

Class size maximums are carefully considered during the design of every course within the SOE.  In order to maintain the academic integrity of each course and to ensure every student receives the resources needed to reach degree completion, class size maximums of all classes will be strictly adhered to. The time schedule will display the maximum enrollment for each course. Additional class sections will not be added solely to accommodate any student(s) exercising tuition exemption benefits.

Questions and Contact Information:

Please send any questions regarding the tuition exemption policy to the main School of Education email account at Along with your questions, please include your name, student ID, the program you are enrolled in, and your preferred method to receive a response to your questions.

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School of Education Facebook Submission Form

You may use this form to submit announcements and relevant newsworthy stories such as accomplishments and upcoming events. Please provide as much information as possible. For upcoming events, it's preferable to give at least a weeks notice. For news to share, we encourage you to submit recent news (within the last 4-6 weeks).

Please review our Social Media Guidelines before submitting your request.

We also encourage you to share your own photos (these must be owned by you); there is a place at the end of this form to upload. You may be asked to use a Gmail account to log in before submitting photos.

The School of Education (SOE) reserves the right to edit or modify submissions, or to not post if a submission is defamatory, irrelevant, or violates our guidelines. If you encounter any difficulties submitting or uploading files, you may email your information to our main account at

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Interested in posting a position

Complete the External Job Posting Document and email to Donna Braboy, Program Support Supervisor at

The School of Education is not responsible for job information listed. Please contact the district/employer directly for more information.