Benefits of Declaring a Teaching, Learning and Justice Minor

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If you are considering the Teacher Certification Program after you complete your bachelor's degree at UW Tacoma, there are benefits to including the Teaching, Learning and Justice Minor in your undergraduate plan. This minor is offered by School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences but is open to all undergraduate students at UW Tacoma.

  • Teachers make a good salary with great benefits! Mid career teachers make an average of $60,000 in Washington
  • Worried about the college loans? The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program could work for you.
  • Might relocate? No problem! You can still teach in other states and in many countries.

Pathway to Becoming a Teacher 

The Teaching, Learning and Justice Minor offers:

  • Provisional Admission: To be eligible for thie option of automatic admission to our Teacher Certification Program without an interview, you must:
    • Submit complete application to the Teacher Certification Program by the priority application deadline, third Friday in February for summer - only start.
    • Complete the minor by the time the Teacher Certification program begins in summer quarter - all minor courses must be completed with a grade of 2.7 or higher.
    • Enroll in TEDUC 490 and request a Replacement for School of Education Interview document from your professor and s/he must be willing to submit this form on your behalf by the priority deadline.
    • Have a cumulative average of 3.0 for last 90 credits of undergraduate study; 1) at the time of priority deadline, and; 2) maintain 3.0 through remainder of undergraduate studies.
  • Pre-requisite coursework: Completion of the Teaching, Learning and Justice Minor (2.7 grade or higher in all courses) will guarantee completion of the prerequisite coursework for the K-8 Teacher Certification Program (see program website for Secondary prerequisite coursework). K-8 Prerequisite coursework:
    • Two (2) writing intensive courses (e.g. English composition and literature)
    • Developmental Psychology
  • Education work experience: Completion of the Teaching, Learning and Justice Minor will guarantee completion of 40 hours of documented experience in a school setting, which is an admission requirement to our Teacher Certification Program. NOTE: For Summer 2020 applicants only: Due to the lack of access to group instructional settings in the Spring Quarter, we are waiving this requirement until further notice.
  • Equivalent graduate level coursework: Two of the required Teaching, Learning and Justice Minor courses, TEDUC 471 and TEDUC 482 (2.7 grade or higher and must have been taken in academic year 2012-13,  or later, to qualify), will count as equivalent courses for two of the courses within our Teacher Certification Program, TEDUC 520 and TEDUC 501, respectively*

*If not taken as part of the minor, TEDUC 471 and TEDUC 482 (2.7 grade or higher), will still count as equivalent courses for TEDUC 520 and TEDUC 501