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Dr. Julia Aguirre - Teachers Empowered to Advance CHange in Mathematics (TEACH MATH)

Teachers Empowered to Advance CHange in Mathematics (TEACH MATH) is a five-year multi-institution research project funded by the National Science Foundation. TEACH MATH seeks to transform k-8 mathematics teacher preparation and early career teaching so that new generations of teachers will be equipped with powerful tools and strategies that are culturally responsive and increase the mathematics learning and achievement of our nation’s youth. A central focus of this work is to design and research instructional modules to be used in mathematics methods courses or professional development settings that support prospective and early career k-8 teachers to connect children’s mathematical thinking and cultural/linguistic/community-based funds of knowledge in their instructional practice. The pedagogical tools and strategies facilitate strength-based/resource orientation to mathematics teaching that supports student mathematical learning and engagement. TEACH MATH consists of six institutions across the country: Michigan State University; Queens College - City University of New York; University of Arizona; University of Delaware; University of Washington Tacoma; and Washington State University Tri-Cities. TEACH MATH has prepared over 500 k-8 teachers of mathematics.

Dr. Kathleen Beaudoin - Keeping Special Education Teachers, Paraeducators and Transportation Staff Safe & Working: Injury Prevention and Reduction Among Special Education teachers, Paraeducators and Transportation Drivers in 45 Western Washington School Districts. Funding Source: Capital Region Educational Service 113

Dr. Belinda Louie - Communities of Practice of Teaching English Language Learners. Funding Source: US Department of Education (DOEd)

Dr. Belinda Louie - Teaching English Learners Professional Development. Funding Source: US Department of Education (DOEd)

Dr. José Rios - The Next Generation of STEM Teacher Preparation in Washington State (NextGen-WA). Funding Source: Western Washington University (WWU)

Archived Grants

Dr. Laura Feuerborn - Staff Perceptions of Behavior & Discipline (SPBD) Supports and Resources

The SPBD is a staff survey that provides information to help school teams implement schoolwide positive behavior supports (SWPBS or PBIS). 

Dr. Christopher Knaus - Equity Action Plan (EAP) for the new School of Education at the University of Washington Tacoma. Funding Source: Washington Professional Educators Standards Board