Ed.D. Grading Scale

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Grading Policies for Graduate Students:

The University of Washington Tacoma uses a numerical grading system at both the graduate and undergraduate levels of instruction. Graduate students must follow the grading system as outlined by the graduate school. If you believe you have been improperly graded please follow the grade appeal procedure as outlined in Memo 16: Unsatisfactory Performance and Progress

A minimum grade of 2.7 is required in each course that is to be counted toward a graduate degree. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above is required to receive a degree from the Graduate School. A graduate student's GPA is calculated entirely on the basis of numeric grades in 400-and 500-level courses. The grades of S, NS, CR, NC, and N are excluded, as are all grades in courses numbered 600, 601, 700, 750, and 800, and in courses at the 100, 200, and 300 levels. 

Failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA, either cumulative or for a given quarter, constitutes low scholarship and may lead to a change-in-status action by the Graduate School. Failure to maintain satisfactory performance and progress toward a degree may also result in a change-in-status action by the Graduate School.

Ed.D. Grading Scale:

Although faculty may make adjustments to this guideline, in general, correspondence between number grades and letter grades is as follows: 

Numeric Grade Point Percentage Scale Conversion Letter Grade
4.0 100-98%


3.9 97% A
3.8 96% A-
3.7 95% A-
3.6 94% A-
3.5 93% A-
3.4 92% B+
3.3 91% B+
3.2 90% B+
3.1 89% B+
3.0 88% B
2.9 87% B
2.8 86% B-
2.7 85% B-
2.6 84% B-
2.5 83% B-
2.4 82% C+
2.3 81% C+
2.2 80% C+
2.1 79% C+
2.0 78%


1.9 77% C+
1.8 76% C
1.7 75% C
Grades 1.6 or below will be recorded as 0.0

NOTE: 2.7 is the lowest acceptable grade for an Ed.D. student.