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Muckleshoot EdD Cohort

Frequently Asked Questions 


Question: Is this doctoral cohort limited to only Muckleshoot tribal member

Answer: No, this cohort is Indigenous based and focused. It is open to tribal members from any tribal community (or non-Indigenous individuals who have worked in tribal communities for at least two years), but it is place based meaning the classes will be offered at Muckleshoot Tribal College. 

Question: Is this doctoral program only for those who work in the field of education? 

Answer: No, it is open to anyone who is interested in working or learning about areas of Indigenous leadership and community impact. This can be found in diverse areas and professions. 

Question: Is this doctoral program limited to those who have received a master’s in an education related field? 

Answer: No, this doctoral program is open to anyone who has received a master's degree. 

Question: Is this program a fully funded program? 

Answer: No, you will need to check with your tribal education department to see what costs they're able to cover and to see what their deadline is. There is a list of graduate specific Native American scholarships on our website that may help offset costs. 

Question: Does this program require the GRE?

Answer: No, we do not require the GRE for our EdD program.

Question: What is the cost to apply?

Answer: $85.00 non-refundable fee

Question: What does the application process look like? 

Answer: The application for the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership is a 100% online application, where all required documents are uploaded to the digital platform through the Univeristy of Washington Graduate School. To learn more about the items required for the online application, click here:

Question: How do I apply?

Answer: You may apply to the EdD Program by visiting the Graduate School website: will need to create an online account, if you do not have one, or you may log in to your account if you've already have one created.  

Question: Is there a deadline for submitting the online application?

Answer: Yes! The soft application deadline is May 15th, and the hard deadline is May 30th. The EdD Program will review completed applications as they are submitted. 

Question: When will the EdD Program begin? 

Answer: The EdD Program will begin as scheduled in summer quarter, June 2020. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all classes are offered remotely during the first and second weekend of classes, for now, and until otherwise instructed. We will keep students updated with the latest information. 

Question: Can I waive, transfer, or substitute course credits?

Answer: It is appreciated that many students have prior graduate coursework. It is also recognized that students may have gained expertise by nature of their professional employment. In general, students are expected to take required courses, and bring whatever knowledge they have gained into the group learning experience. In order to petition to waive a required course, students must provide evidence of meeting the student learning objectives for that course in an academic setting. 

For students who have taken a course in the same topic while in a master’s or doctoral program from an accredited institution, and if the evidence suggests that the UWT Ed.D. Student Learning Objectives for that course were met; by student petition that course and credit requirement may be waived by transferring in the credits from prior institution. The course credits will be considered part of the 90 credits required to graduate. No more than 30 credits may be substituted in this manner and Core Courses (T EDLD 570, T EDLD 571, T EDLD 572, and T EDLD 573) and dissertation credits may not be waived.

No students will be allowed to waive a course or credits due to life experience. For students who may have gained expertise by nature of their professional employment, professional development, workshops, etc., and who show evidence of meeting the student learning outcomes of the course, they may discuss with the professor options for alternate course expectations such that more appropriate learning objectives may be assigned. It is the prerogative of the professor to accept or deny alternate learning activities.

Question: What if I can't access my (Un)Official Transcripts due to the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Graduate Enrollment Management Services has extended deadlines for receipt of official transcripts for degree verification. We will not be placing registration holds for students whose first quarter of enrollment is Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 until July 8, and for students whose first quarter of enrollment is Autumn 2020 until October 28.