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Partnerships take many different forms, they can involve one or more staff members, faculty or students; they can be funded or not. What matters is the nature of engagement and its attention to building a partnership between the university and the community - local, regional, and beyond!

The Office of Community Partnerships is using Collaboratory as its tool for collecting and aggregating community partnership data. Please follow the link below to explore our Collaboratory data and enter new activities.


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Community Engagement Projects Collected through the data portal were categorized according to self-identified areas of focus. Using information provided to us by faculty and staff, we have developed a number of visual tools to create snapshots of our collective work. The graph above identifies the content and the nature of community partnerships at UW Tacoma. University affiliations of reporting faculty and staff appear on the left side of the circle and the foci of their community engagement work are grouped together on the right. The lines between each academic office/division and topics of partnership show the nature of our collective community engagement work and the width of the line identifies the depth and frequency of connections to each topic. 

For those interested, both brief and extended definitions of a community engagement project are provided here

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Questions or comments? Please contact the Office of Community Partnerships.