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Welcome to the UW Tacoma Community Partnerships Data Portal.

Faculty and staff are now able to enter all of your community engagement activities through this data portal. For those interested, both brief and extended definitions of a community engagement project are provided here.  If you do not have a project to enter at this time, don't worry, we continue to enter new community collaborations and update existing ones as necessary. You can return to this site when you have a project to enter.  This portal will help create a single database for all related activities and community collaborations  and partnerships - local, regional and beyond. A community engagement project or activity could involve one or more faculty members, staff, or students. It can be a funded activity or not. What matters is the nature of engagement and its attention to building a partnership between the university and the community.  A community might also be a geographical location or a community of affiliation or identity.

Questions or comments? Please contact the Office of Community Partnerships.