Breakout Sessions

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Below are the breakout session decriptions as well as contact information for each presenter. 

A Pedagogy of Peace: Using Peacemaking Circles in the Classroom

Learn about the history, philosophy, and practice of peacemaking circles, and explore ways they can be used in classrooms and other educational settings. 

- Dr. Jimmy McCarty | 

Don't Leave Your Culture at the Door

Learn how to create a more equitable and inclusive atmosphere in your learning settings by giving space to individuals that speak indigenous and native languages and how this fosters a sense of belonging for your students.

-Austin Escalera, UW Tacoma Senior |

Learning in Place: Muckleshoot TEKnology in Practice

We will be diving deeper into the Muckleshoot story of putting theory into practice around indigenizing our education system and using our living history and culture to increase engagement, relevancy and empowerment with our students and in our community. With a focus on food sovereignty and living culture, we will start with story and give specific examples of how students are learning in place in the Tomanamus forest and how teacher trainings are providing the tools needed to bring cultural teachings to the center of the classroom. Participants will get a closer look at the Cedar Bentwood Box Teaching Toolkit and its curriculum. They will hear and see examples of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) lessons and their outcomes.

-Leslie LaFountaine-Bill and Cinnamon Bear | and