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In junction with UW Tacoma’s diversity statement, the Center for Equity & Inclusion aims to enhance campus education, develop community partnerships, and cultivate our diverse campus community.  We strive to foster our diverse learners education and transform communities through a welcoming and inclusive space, programming, and resources for students, staff and faculty, in efforts to engage and learn through the exploration of human differences.  

The Center for Equity & Inclusion provides programs and support in three main areas:

Enhancing Campus Education:

Appreciation of human diversity is a critical component of a quality education. Our office provides a forum through which issues of diversity can be broadly addressed. This includes:

  • Collaborating with campus departments, offices and student organizations to enhance and expand programs, activities and services that promote understanding across different perspectives; and
  • Serving as a resource for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff who hope to learn more about issues of diversity through conversation, books, visual media, and the internet.

Developing Community Partnerships:

The wider community plays an essential role in the development of a comprehensive educational experience. The CEI is developing a network of local and regional community-based organizations through which to share resources. This includes:

  • Gathering and sharing information about community resources and events
  • Developing collaborative relationships with local agencies that serve diverse populations
  • Working with students, faculty, and staff who are interested in volunteering or getting involved with the broader, diverse communities within Tacoma

Building a Diverse Campus Community:

The CEI is committed to promoting the academic and personal success of students from diverse backgrounds. Our office collaborates with campus and community partners in developing key strategies to recruit and retain diverse students. This includes:

  • Assisting with recruitment of underrepresented students
  • Assessing campus needs and creating support programs to retain diverse students
  • Providing a safe and inviting space for students, faculty and staff to discuss issues of diversity
  • Referring students to appropriate campus offices or community agencies for various resources
  • Sponsoring workshops and providing resources for staff and faculty on working with diverse populations

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