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RISE Scholars Program


Race, Identity, and Social Engagement 


What is “RISE”?

RISE Scholars is a year-long program for incoming first-year students of color who want to learn about their racial identity and other social identities, build community, and develop skills for academic and life success.  RISE Scholars is designed to help students have a transformational experience at the University of Washington Tacoma by empowering them to build relationships and to foster a positive learning experience at UWT. Through a series of engaging experiences (including a two-credit Fall course, a year-long series of workshops, speakers, and fun activities with fellow students) you will cultivate the skills you need to be a successful college student.


The RISE Scholars Program:

  • Provides social and academic support for its members 

  • Encourages active campus participation 

  • Build a sense of belonging and community 

  • Prepares students to be leaders

  • Invites students to explore their racial and social identities 

  • Introduces students to important life skills such as financial literacy

Joining RISE: 

The RISE Scholar Program at the University of Washington Tacoma is open to freshmen students of any major who identify as students of color. Each year we recruit and select 25 students for the program. You must be admitted to the University of Washington Tacoma before you apply to RISE.

The RISE Scholar Program application deadline is Thursday, September 9,  2020. We will notify all accepted applicants by Wednesday, September 15, 2020. Also, in order to earn the book stipend scholars must commit to participating in all components of the program for the academic year. 


Being in RISE: 

Fall Quarter: 

The first week of school RISE Scholars will participate in a two-day virtual Orientation that will prepare you for your transition into UW Tacoma and provide opportunities to build relationships with fellow incoming students. Students will also enroll in a two-credit course insert link of the pdf which is a mock outline to the course RISE TUNIV 250 

RISE connections: 

Throughout your first academic year, RISE Scholars have a class together, meet bi-weekly as a group with the program director in winter and spring quarter, develop ways of building community across campus, and explore what it means to be financially literate through workshops and engaging activities.


Each academic year RISE scholars will work with a Registered Student Organization and Center for Equity and Inclusion staff to plan and host an event for the UWT community

Orientation Dates 

Thursday, September 24, 9 am - 12 pm 

Monday, September 28, 10 am - 1 pm