Student Success Mentoring Program (SSMP)

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What is SSMP?

UW Tacoma's Student Success Mentoring Program (SSMP) seeks to connect students with faculty and staff in mentoring relationships. SSMP is available to all enrolled UW Tacoma students. Those who wish to have a mentor (or become a mentor) must complete the appropriate online SSMP Application. By doing so, you will be intentionally paired with a mentor / mentee on a first-come/first-served basis.

Why should I have a mentor?

Effective mentoring has been shown to be a crucial element in the success, well-being and persistence toward graduation for many students throughout their academic career. SSMP supports students by offering a strong campus network and ongoing personal development opportunities. Mentors can assist students in finding their own academic and/or career paths as well as help them grow into the next generation of scholars and community leaders.

What is the level of commitment?

Mentor-mentee pairs commit to meeting at least three times per quarter and should participate in quarterly informational and resource development meetings.