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Discussion Held on the Proposed Faculty Salary Policy

Since March 2012, a joint faculty‐administration group has been developing a new salary policy proposal for the UW. Jack Lee, Chair of UW Faculty Senate, presented to the Executive Council on the new tri-campus salary policy proposal. The policy created in 2000 reaps a 12% gap between UW salaries and those of peers. The accreditation team and the President have listed this gap as the number one problem at UW; we need to not only recruit and retain, but also motivate and reward faculty. The Proposal consists of Four Pillars:

1)  Rank Promotion Raises across the board a 12% raise, instead of 4%.

2)  Tiers Within Ranks. Annual merit reviews would be replaced by “Collegial performance reviews” for individuals approximately every four years, except for Assistant Professors. Highest performing faculty will acquire tier advancements more often to trigger not a specific salary, but rather a specific raise percentage. These reviews would incur four possibilities: a) Initiation of rank advancement,  b) Recommendation of tier advancement, c) Finding of unsatisfactory performance, or d) Satisfactory performance, but advancement not recommended at this time.

3)  Market Adjustments would be awarded annually to faculty members whose last performance was declared satisfactory regardless if one receives a tier advancement or promotion.

4) Peer-Equity Adjustment will be used within units/schools to address the compression issues amongst a certain group of professors/lecturers over time.

Although the work is not finished, a mature draft proposal has come to a stage where the committee would like feedback through a discussion board. There, the working group’s charge letter from President Young; a copy of the latest draft proposal; a slide presentation containing a brief summary of the proposal; and a spreadsheet that you can use to model the effects of the proposed policy in a particular campus, college, or department can be found. This policy is tentative and it is subject to change by the working group, the Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs, the Senate Executive Committee, and the Faculty Senate, and will not become final until approved by the Faculty Senate and President Young. But this has been released to faculty as early as possible.

See the AAUP statement on UW’s faculty salary policy.