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Expectations for Part-Time Lecturers may vary from unit to unit; we suggest that you ask your program administrator for additional assistance.
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Academic Alert

Academic Calendar

Academic Integrity

  • There can be a tremendous amount of pressure on students at a university to get good grades and finish a degree. With the proliferation of websites that peddle research papers to students, and the competitive admissions of many graduate programs, students have more temptations than ever to forget what education really means. The faculty at UW Tacoma takes academic honesty very seriously
  • Faculty Assembly’s site on Academic Integrity
  • Please participate in discussions focused on how things are done at UW Tacoma
  • Faculty Discussion Boards


Class Cancellation

Class Lists

  • Once you have a UW NetID and login for UWT, you can view and print your class lists by using MyUW. 1) Open MyUW as if you were logging on to your email. 2) Click on the teaching tab on the left-hand side of the page. 3) Click on “Manage Class Resources,” “My UW Class,” “On-Line Course Resources,” “Electronic Class Lists,” and “Display on a Web Page.” Now you can see and print your class list.
  • MyUW Login
  • The “people” section Canvas course sites is automatically created and pulls from the official UW registration system. Sync issues do occur, so do check that the Canvas list corresponds with the MYUW class list. If there are any discrepancies, send an email to uwcanvas@uw.edu informing them of the course and students who are missing or should be removed.

Community Engagement and Service-Learning

Core Curriculum

Copies and Printing

  • A copy code can be requested from your program administrator.
  • For large number of copies, please use the copy center: Location - Ground floor of the Mattress Factory Phone: 253.692.5787 Email: uwtcc@uw.edu
  • Copy Center Website

Course Preparation

  • “To Do” List
  • Reserve textbooks in the library on reserve (one month before quarter)
  • Submit textbook request to the University Bookstore (two months before quarter)
  • Submit Streaming Video Request or Video Reserves to the library (one month before quarter)
  • Submit course packets request to UWT Copy Center (one month before quarter)
  • Complete syllabus and request copies for class (two weeks before class)
  • Prepare first day of class handouts and activities (vocabulary list, ice breaker, student survey, etc.) (two weeks before class)
  • Check the University Bookstore to ensure book order is accurate and complete
  • Submit copy of the syllabus to program (one week before class)
  • Select Course Evaluation Template (one week before class)
  • Make sure you can locate your course in Canvas, upload your syllabus, design your course site, and PUBLISH (one week before class). For help on this, contact Academic Technologies or visit UW Tacoma's Canvas page
  • Set up email listserv (one week before class)
  • Send an email about first day of class; snacks; attendance, etc. (one week before class)
  • Print student list with pictures (Day of first class)
  • Take attendance the first week. For students who don’t show, use the Academic Alert system so they will notified about the need to drop the course.
  • Complete DSS accommodation forms for students first week of class.
  • Read student surveys and address any individual student concerns.
  • Put them in your cell phone!: Security (692-4416), Program’s front desk, and Classroom support (692-4419)
  • Keep handy: uwtcc@uw.edu (UW Tacoma Copy Center email; phone 692-5787)

ESL / Multilingual Students

  • Contact Kelvin Keown, the TLC's English Language Consultant, for strategies (e.g. feedback on student writing) on working with students who speak and write English in addition to a first/home language. He is available for consultation with students or faculty in the TLC 5 days a week.
  • Kelvin’s Contact Information



  • Keep track of grades inside of Canvas using the Gradebook. Then at the end of the quarter, go to GradePage to submit final grades
  • Easily track student scores online, securely share scores with students, calculate class grades, and submit final grades online with GradeBook.
  • Grades are due on the first Tuesday following final examination week by 5:00 pm. It is very important that you complete your online grade submission by the posted date and time for the quarter you are teaching. You will be able to submit grades through MyUW.
  • Change-of-Grade Request
  • Faculty Resource on Grading
  • GradeBook
  • GradePage
  • Registrar's Grading Policy

Library Resource Guide

Ordering Textbooks

Podium Lockbox Keys

  • A lockbox key is necessary for access to classroom equipment. Faculty are responsible for returning all equipment to the lockbox at the end of each class. Send a request to tacmedia@uw.edu or call (253) 692-4419 to check out a lockbox key and arrange for a brief orientation. Faculty must receive instruction on using the classroom equipment.

Students with Disabilities


  • Please provide your program’s office with a copy of the syllabus for your course(s) on or before the first day of your classes.
  • A syllabus for your course(s) must be distributed to all students during the first week of class. This can be done electronically.
  • Be sure to include your office hours on your syllabus. This helps to advise students.
  • The syllabus should be concise and clear and should include the name of the course, quarter, your email address and office hours, course expectations, class schedule and assignments, services statement, and grading procedures.
  • Problems are averted when faculty avoid making major changes in the course schedule as the quarter proceeds. Our students have complicated schedules and changes in assignment dates, length, or grading weight can cause undue hardships on them, their families and, inevitably, the instructor.
  • Be very clear about “your” grading policy, and please note that UW uses the decimal system.
  • The University of Washington's Standard Grading Scale and Standard Grading System.

Teaching & Learning Center


Textbook Request

Time Schedule