HB 1079/Real Hope Act

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Who is eligible for HB 1079?

Under the Real Hope Act, some undocumented or HB 1079 students may be eligible to receive financial aid through need-based state aid (State Need Grant).  To qualify for HB 1079 status, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Completed your senior year of high school and obtained a high school diploma at a Washington public or private high school or received the equivalent of a diploma
  2. Lived in Washington for at least three calendar years (36 months) immediately prior to receiving your diploma or its equivalent
  3. Continuously lived in the state of Washington after receiving your diploma or its equivalent and until such time as you are admitted to an institution of higher education

How to apply for financial aid as an HB 1079 student

  • Complete the WASFA by the UW’s priority filing date of January 15 to be considered for financial aid.  This is a yearly application process that needs to be completed each year you are attending the UW.
    HB 1079 students who have Social Security numbers have the option of completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) instead.  It is not necessary to complete both the FAFSA and the WASFA; however, you must notify the financial aid office if you decide to complete only the FAFSA.

    Late applicants – you are considered a late applicant if you file your FAFSA/WASFA after the priority date of January 15.  As a result, you will not be considered for financial aid.  However, you may still want to complete this application if you are applying for other types of aid such as UW departmental scholarships or other outside resources.  Please contact the UW Tacoma Office of Student Financial Aid and we will do our best to provide assistance.

  • Complete the affidavit of residency form.  Because the UW strongly suggests that students turn in this form when applying for admission, the Office of the Registrar may already have it on file for you.  If you are not sure that you turned in this form, you can contact the Office of the Registrar at 253-692-4913.
  • The UW Tacoma’s Office of Student Financial Aid manages all aid programs included under the WASFA.  Should we require additional information or documentation from you to verify your aid application, we will contact you by e-mail so it is important to set up your UW e-mail account as soon as you can.  Respond as soon as possible to any of our document requests and other correspondence.  Your file will be considered incomplete and your aid will be unavailable for disbursement until the requested information or documents are received and reviewed.

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