Satisfactory Academic Progress

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To be eligible for financial aid at the UW, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress standards based on federal, state and institutional requirements. There are separate policies for undergraduate and graduate students. Please review the policies linked below. You are responsible for knowing these policies.

If you need to drop a class, take an Incomplete or withdraw from school, your financial aid may be canceled. Furthermore, if you drop below full-time enrollment, any financial aid payment toward your tuition may be canceled. Please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid before taking any of these actions.

Satisfactory progress appeal

If you did not meet the progress requirements because you had special circumstances you may file an appeal with our office. You will need to demonstrate unusual circumstances beyond your control that are not likely to recur in the immediate future. You will need to explain what has changed in your situation so that you will now be able to make academic progress. If approved, you will need to meet the requirements of an individual academic plan to continue to receive financial aid.

COVID-19: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

We understand many students are dealing with the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic and may experience difficulties in completing credits in the winter and spring quarters of 2020. Students will not be required to complete the quarterly and annual minimum credit requirements, as described below.  This is a one-time suspension to the policy for 2019-20 only.  Starting in Summer 2020, the satisfactory academic progress policy will be monitored for the full requirements listed below.