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What is Work Study?

Work study is a great way to help pay for your undergraduate education while working part-time.

The Federal Work Study and state sponsored Washington State Work Study programs give you the opportunity to work part-time while going to school. To qualify for work study jobs you must demonstrate financial need and have a work study award as part of your overall financial aid award.

If you have financial need and haven't been awarded work study you can talk to a financial aid counselor about being placed on the work study waiting list. Please keep in mind that work study is only one type of job on campus. There are non-work study positions on-campus and other part-time employment jobs off-campus too.

How does work study work? 

In a work study program, the employer pays only 20-50 percent of your wages; the rest is subsidized by federal or state funds. You can, therefore, find jobs and may be able to keep your loan debt down by earning part of your needed funds so that you can borrow less. Jobs may be located on or off-campus with government agencies, non-profit organizations or private corporations. Many offer career-related and/or community service experience.

You may work up to 19 hours per week, and pay rates are the same as for comparable, non-work-study jobs. No job pays less than the prevailing minimum wage.

Review additional work study information, such as loss of eligibility and student rights and responsibilities.

Current campus work study job postings

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