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University of Washington - Core team

  • Milt Tremblay, Director, Facilities and Campus Services, UW Tacoma
  • Lanie Ralph, Senior Construction Manager, UW Capital Projects Office
  • Eric Smith, Director, Major Projects Group, UW Capital Projects Office
  • Ben Mauk, Business Services Manager, Finance, UW Tacoma
  • Rebecca Barnes, University Architect & Assistant Vice Provost, Campus Planning, UW Office of Planning and Budgeting
  • Kristine Kenney, University Landscape Architect & Director of Campus Design and Planning, UW Office of Planning and Budgeting
  • Gina Fernandes, Campus Planning Coordinator, UW Office of Planning and Budgeting

Consultant team

Atelier Dreiseitl + PLACE

  • Eric Bode, Project Manager
  • Mauricio Villarreal, Principle-in-Charge
  • Matt Noyes, Landscape Designer

SRG Partnership Inc.

  • Dennis Haskell, Lead Urban Designer
  • Jane Hendricks, Lead Architect

KPFF Tacoma

  • Bryan Elkins, Civil/Structural Engineer

Other participants

City of Tacoma

  • Elliott D. Barnett, Urban Planner, Planning Division
  • Diane Wiatr, Mobility Coordinator, Planning Division
  • Lorna Mauren